Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day 1 in Indiana

So much for the lie in! I went to bed just before midnight and thought I could sleep till at least 10am. Nope. Not a chance. It should have been obvious really, what with Z & K's tendencies for waking at ridiculous times in the morning! I was woken before 7am and that was it. I needed to get up. Ben was going to work and the kids needed supervising. Granted I didn't get dressed until 10ish but I would have rather to have been getting out of bed at that point!

I decided to let the kids watch some kids shows on TV whilst I attempted to unpack. One problem with that is there isn't enough hangers and no drawers in my bedroom! The kids have drawers and I manage to get some stuff put away for them and hang up some stuff. Unfortunately due to space I have had to put t-shirts and trousers on the top shelf in the walk in closet so there is no chance of them being able to dress themselves when they get up as they can't reach everything!

Eventually I manage to unpack everything but have to keep one case out to keep my undies and socks in. I will get drawers eventually to keep my drawers in!

As I was not able to bring over any DVD's for the kids I ordered a few from I ordered 'Monsters V Aliens' and 'Up'. We won't get 'Up' until November 10 but the other one arrived before we did. This does however through up a problem. No DVD player! We try to play it on the laptop but mine doesn't play US discs. I feel a trip to Walmart coming on to buy a DVD player.....and some more hangers....and a hair dryer.....and a phone.......and furniture of some description.....and loads of other stuff!

Most of day 1 is spent indoors as it rains most of the day and I don't fancy taking a wander around the area as I feel I may get lost. I will take the kids out over the weekend. I will. We will have our own personal tour guide in Ben.

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