Wednesday, November 18, 2009

2nd Times A Charm

Last time I ventured out in the car I got lost. Twice. Today I went out with specific tasks in mind and I knew I needed to get them done as Ben will have the car Thursday and Friday as the guy who he car pools with is off work on those days.

My mission today was to get to Chase to open some kind of bank account and then to Walmart so I could get some Christmas cards to mail to the UK and get some more dinner plates, bowls etc as we only have a 4 piece setting and if we have guests then we will have fun at dinner time. (We are due a guest next weekend so wanted to get the plates before then as I would be likely to forget!)

So off I set with K in the back of the car. I didn't even bother with the Sat Nav this time. I left it in the glove box. I had spent a good 10 minutes or so on Google maps before we left looking at where we were going and at what point I had to turn and tried to remember landmarks or store names near these points. What do you know, 4 minutes later I was pulling into the car park by the bank! I got there. No diversions or wrong turns! Woo-Hoo! We went in and I sat down with Amanda who took me through the process. I think the whole process took about 20 minutes. K was entertained during this time by drawing on a pad of paper. She actually managed to write her name backwards. She got each letter correct. It was like mirror writing and she did it without a mirror! I was very impressed! I think I would struggle with that.

When we left there I drove down the car park a bit and parked outside Walmart. OK so I could have just walked down to the store but I knew I was going to be coming out with a dinner set and didn't want to carry it very far back to the car! I think we spent about 20 minutes in the store but most of that time was having a debate with K about what color umbrella to get. It has been raining quite a bit here over the past few days and the only umbrellas we have are a kids Dora the Explorer and a kids Scooby Doo umbrella! Not really fitting for an adult to use. Especially when you are waiting in the rain for a school bus to turn up. I'll give you 1 guess who did that this morning!

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