Monday, November 16, 2009

Driving In the Car

Today Ben left the car keys with me so I could 'go for a drive round the block and the car park' so I could get used to driving the car. Once Ben was off to work and Z was at school I put K in the car and decided I would try to get to Chase so I could open a bank account. Notice I say 'try'! I put on the Sat Nav and start driving down the road. I had a vague idea where I wanted to go to but thought the Sat Nav would help. Of course it can only help me if I have programmed it properly! I quickly notice that although the map is showing me where I am and what direction I am going, I am not hearing the annoying woman;s voice telling me when to turn etc. By this point I can't sort it out as I am driving and there is no where I can pull over. So I keep driving. Eventually I find somewhere to turn around and we head back in the opposite direction. I pull into the car park at Target and decide to go in to get some bags of potato chips for the party we are going to at the weekend. When we come out K decides she wants to go home and have lunch. Off we go. I still haven't sorted out the Sat Nav and continue on the road and decide I know where I am going anyway. The apartment complex should appear on the left any minute now. Wait a sec. Why is it on the right?! Oh good grief! I have taken the wrong turn. Again! When we go full circle and we end up back at the apartment I park the car and decide it would be safer to stay at home in case I was to get lost again and not be back in time for Z coming back from school! Ben has the car tomorrow so my next expedition may need to wait till Wednesday. I do need to get to a bank though. Even though I did get lost. Twice. I managed to get out in the car by myself and drive around. Me in an automatic car on the other side of the road in a foreign country! I am quite pleased with myself if I do say so!

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