Monday, November 2, 2009

Fancy A Walk

Even after yesterdays extremely long walk and the fact we were all exhausted after it all, we go for another long walk today. This time we go in the opposite direction and head towards what will be Z's new school. Carmel Elementary School. It takes about 20 minutes or so walk there there and it is, thankfully, a route that is on pavement so we do not have to walk on the road to get there. When Z does go to school he will probably go by school bus there and back home again.

We get to the school and look around. It is a lot bigger than his previous school in the UK and has a large play area outside. It is also next door to a very new looking and very expensive looking public library. I must make a point of going in there and joining up. We had to leave loads of books behind in the UK and that included most of the kids books. (I managed to bring about half a dozen books including books by Cally Taylor, Lucy Diamond, Freya North, Lola Jaye) I love my books and I am sad I had to leave them behind. I will have to start a new collection here and will eventually get my other books sent over.


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