Friday, November 6, 2009

First Day at School

Z went to school today. He had to be there at 7.50am so we could see the teacher before the other students got there. Ben's work colleague Dan gave us all a ride down to the school so we got there on time. We first went to the school office so I could hand in a form for Z to get the H1N1 vaccine and hand in my form and joining fee of $10 for the PTO. I also give them a copy of Z's birth certificate and passport. We then go down to the classroom with his new teacher. She goes through the morning routine with him and shows him where he will sit and where to put his coat etc. She then gives me a folder about the class and requirements etc. I have already been given a folder from the office telling me all about what goes on at the school and how we can do certain things, like credit his account so he can buy lunch if he wants. I wasn't expecting them to give me anything and I am starting to wonder how I am going to manage to carry it all and walk home with K, who has decided to bring her new toy puppy with her!

The school bell rings and we leave Z in the capable hands of his new teacher. I walk with K back along the corridor and there are so many kids. They are everywhere. I feel really tall all of a sudden too.

K and I walk back along the road to the apartment. To be honest though I do most of the walking and K sits on my shoulders and balances her toy puppy on my head. We chill out for the rest of the afternoon and leave just before 2pm to walk back along to the school for Z getting out at 2.35pm. As we get there a bit early we stop off at the fancy looking public library and ask what we need to do to join. It turns out all we need to do it show proof of residency in the district and that is all that is needed. Once we are done there we go round the corner to the school and wait for Z to come out. When he finally does he seems OK but looks a bit tired and a little bit overwhelmed by the whole thing. I go into the school again with him and K to see the teacher and let her know what bus Z is going to be getting from Monday. She says that he did OK but is very young. I get a sense of deja vu as that is what his Reception year teacher said at his old school. She said that all the other students have done all this work that he obviously hasn't and their reading and math skills are higher than his. He is going to have a lot of work to do but he also has the added pressure of still settling in to living in a new country. He is too old to be in Kindergarten and I want him to stay in 1st grade. The teaching he has had in the UK is obviously different to what they do in the US but I am hopeful that he will be fine. One thing that will have to change is his book bag as the one I go him on Wednesday is not big enough for his class folders and books! I found one online that is apparently good for Elementary children. Isn't it a bit big??

Monday is picture re-take day at school for the Yearbook. I have to remember to take in the form saying what color background we want and what package of photos we want and pay for them on Monday. A Yearbook for Elementary school!

We all walk back along the street to the apartment and Z seems quite happy and upbeat. I decide he can chose a DVD to watch when we get back and have a cookie. Aren't I good? He chooses Charlie and Lola.

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  1. This really takes me back. I remember so well not understanding how things work... not that anything was difficult but everything is different. It's not just your son who has to learn new things about school, it's you too.

    Take it easy. Be kind to yourself and don't rush to know everything.


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