Sunday, November 22, 2009

Indiana State Library

We went to the Children's Museum of Indianapolis the other weekend and had lots of fun. We have become members of the museum so we can now go as much as we want for the next 12 months. Santa is due to arrive the next Friday after Thanksgiving and in early December a Barbie exhibit is due to open so we will most likely go back for that. We decided to give the Indiana State Museum a try today. All in all I think I prefer the Children's Museum. Does that make me a child?

We also were given the option of joining the State Museum but decided that the kids were probably a but young for it and we were more likely to go back to the other one. They are very close to each other geographically but the State Museum seems a bit more grown up and has lots of stuff to read. If you are only 4 and 6 years old then that is not a fun day out!

They did enjoy, however, the sandwich from Jimmy Johns and the ice cream for dessert at the South Bend Chocolate Company Shop. Although K did want to eat her ice cream via a straw and it wasn't really possible due to it being frozen!

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