Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kids Treat

The kids have been good most of the week and I had been promising them they could decorate cookies at some point. So once Z had done his homework I set the frosting and sprinkles on the table and let them loose. I will admit I did a few myself and some have been left undecorated as Ben is not particularly keen on frosting. The kids enjoyed it and I just home the fact that I let them taste 1 each will not mean they will be on a sugar rush for the rest of the evening!

                 I think I may need to limit them to 1 a day! I also think I may need to buy a vacuum as there may be some sprinkles on the carpet! I really am my own worst enemy at times!

I could make my own frosting and it would probably not be as sweet, but I really couldn't be bothered and the ready made stuff is so much easier. Plus I left my cake recipe book back in the UK and that had all my frosting recipes in it.                        


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