Thursday, November 26, 2009

Our First Thanksgiving

We had our first Thanksgiving as a family in America today. Dan, who works with Ben, invited us to his parents house for Thanksgiving dinner. Z has been going on about wanting to eat Pumpkin pie as he has been learning all about Thanksgiving at school and decided that he liked the sound of Pumpkin Pie. We were told not to take anything but said we couldn't arrive empty handed so we brought a bottle of wine along with us. Dans sister was there with her husband and their daughter who is a little bit younger than K. Z and K played very nicely with her. The watched a dvd, played on the piano and played with some toys together.

The kids tried a bit of everything and had a choice of desserts. There was pumpkin pie, apple pie, chocolate pie and pumpkin cake. Z tried a bit of all the pies and K just had a bit of pumpkin pie. We even got a 'care package' to bring home of some left overs, including pudding! We ate a lot but not too much that we were stuffed and feeling uncomfortable. They were a lovely family and it was very nice of them to invite us to share their Thanksgiving day with them.

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