Saturday, November 7, 2009

Weekend Again

Ben decided on a car and was scheduled to get it today but the guy who was helping him came round and said it needs to be tomorrow now. There goes my plan for getting some shopping done in the morning! We are getting a Kia Sedona mini van. We have been told that it is illegal to buy/sell cars on a Sunday in the US so we are not entirely sure what is going to happen tomorrow. Fingers crossed it goes fine and the guy takes the check and simply cashes it on Monday.

As we couldn't go shopping or anywhere any great distance away we went for a little 'adventure' as K calls it. We walked along this pathway, that wasn't quite finished looking for a park the kids could play in. Quite soon we were in this very expensive looking neighborhood and I felt like I was going to get pounced on by security at any point. It wasn't a gated community but it may as well have been. After a while Z decided that his legs were tired and he wanted to go back. So, I turn around with Z and head back to the apartment and Ben carries on with K looking for the park.

We arrive back at the apartment and Z collapses to the floor and declares he needs to watch a DVD and it must be the Charlie and Lola halloween show. Eventually K and Ben come back and I read with Z while K helps Ben in the kitchen making dinner.

Once the kids get in bed and settle, after about an hour or so, I settle down and get involved in my new hobby. Coupon clipping. When I do finally get to the store I am going to have loads of coupons! There are just hundreds of coupons in the papers and we get flyers in the mail that have coupons on them. I currently have dozens in a little pile next to me. .....I need to get out more!

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