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Snowy Problems

Ben has been wanting snow for a while now. He missed the last few days of snow as he was working and couldn't play in it with the kids. The Weather Channel had said we were due for snow over the weekend and today it came. We went to Walmart to get a sledge and a snow shovel.

We were then going to go to the Disney Store so the kids could spend their gift card but first we went to look at a possible location for sledding later on. The snow was really coming down now but we went round the corner from Walmart to Cool Creek Park and drove around looking at the park and where we could sled. As we came back down a hilly bit the car skidded on a slippery bit and we lost traction for a second or two. Then we crashed into a car coming the other way. A big chunk of the front of our car was now on the ground and one of the lower lights was hanging off. Luckily no one was hurt. Our car came off worse than the other one.

We had to wait for the police to come to file a police report and Ben and …

Christmas Day

So we got a wonderful Christmas gift from the kids. We got a lie in! We woke at 7.30am! Woo-Hoo! The kids were all excited by the sheer volume of gifts under the tree and quickly set to work opening them. We need not have worried about the kids not having much for Christmas. They had loads of stuff. They even got a bike each so in the New Year they will be learning to ride them. (When they have cycle helmets too of course!)

I then got started on Christmas lunch. I was planning on making a pumpkin pie for dessert but managed to drop the pie crust on the counter and it broke into hundreds of pieces. I wasn't put off though and just put them back in the foil and then put the pumpkin pie mix on top. Ok so it wasn't great to look at but it tasted nice. The chicken was cooked perfectly. I got a chicken that has a sort of timer in it that pops up when the chicken is cooked thoroughly. The timer device looks a bit like a golf tee but it seems to work. We also had stuffing, gravy and l…

Christmas Eve

Even though it is Christmas Eve, I decided to go against my best judgement and went to Castleton Mall to do some Christmas shopping! I am usually done with all the Christmas shopping by the middle of November but this year there was a slight delay to starting the Christmas preparations. (We moved to Indiana and have been a bit busy trying to get the apartment sorted)
Anyway, Ben dropped me off at the mall and he went off with the kids. I aimed to be done in an hour and a half and I was. I called Ben after an hour to get him to come collect me again. Turned out he was in the food court so I didn't have long to wait.
We came home and I wrapped up all the things I had bought. Then the kids had a nap as we were going to a Christmas Eve party at the home of a fellow British Expat. We drove over to Angela and Kevan's house and then followed them over to the party. A good time was had by all. K had decided to go in her Snow White outfit and between her and Z they ate almost all of th…


Went to the BMV. Again. This time managed to do the written part of the test to get an Indiana State Drivers Licence. Passed the written test and have the practical driving bit booked for 0930 on Saturday January 2 2010.

Fingers crossed that it is not snowy!

Change of Class

Tomorrow is the last day of the semester at Z's school. He has enjoyed going and really loves going by the school bus. One thing that has been a bit of an 'issue' is the curriculum. It is so much more advanced than the school he went to in the UK that he has really struggled to keep up with it all. Also you have to have turned 6 by August 1 and Z didn't turn 6 until the end of August. So, after discussion with his teacher, the Principal and Ben, it has been decided that next Semester he will be going into a Kindergarten class. This is not like the Reception class he was in when at school in the UK. It is more like a Year 1/Year 2 class. He is happy with the decision and hopefully he will thrive in the new class. The kids will still be his age so he is not going to be with really young kids. Also because of his age there won't be any 'stigma' with being held back a year. It was either going to be keep him in 1st grade and have him struggle through the year a…

Police and Firemen

Today started off like any normal day. Z went to school and Ben went off to work with Dan. Z had been complaining of a poorly tummy last night but decided he was better in the morning and could go to school. Anyway, I had the car so had plans to go to the grocery store to get a few bits and pieces.

I was thinking about getting ready to go when there was a knock on the door. It was the woman from next door and she was asking to borrow my phone. She looked upset and had a little boy next to her who looked around Z and K age range. I gave her the phone and stood in the doorway whilst she used it. She was asking whoever she called to come get her and her husband/boyfriend/partner who is on crutches was trying to get past her saying stuff like 'I am going to tell them you are abusing me' and was pushing her out the way with his crutches and she kept going in front of him. She gave me the phone back and I shut the door. A few minutes later the little boy knocked on the door and aske…

Christmas Tree Hunting

Today we went to get our Christmas Tree. We had looked at fake ones pre-lit and they averaged about $280! So we decided to get a real tree. It is environmentally friendly and cheaper! We found a tree farm and decided to drive up and choose a tree.
Don't worry we measured the height of the room and worked out the maximum height of tree our room could cope with. No National Lampoons Christmas Vacation here!

After a short drive up to the farm we find that there are loads of trees to choose from. The kids are all bundled up as it is  freezin cold and they run around looking at all the trees trying to decide which one to get. There were a few pointed at that would not have gotten through the door and so were quickly bypassed.

Eventually we find one and decide it is the right height and width for our living room. I get a pot/stand thing for it and the guys at the farm take it round back to drill a hole in it for the stand and attach the stand to the bottom whilst I go to pay.

It gets str…

To Drive or Not to Drive

Ben was scheduled to take his driving test today so he could get an Indiana State driving licence. I hoped to do my written test so I could schedule my driving test but after speaking to a very miserable woman at the BMV she told me I couldn't as my Social Security Card did not match my 'primary id' as the names were not the same. I had sent off the form and copies of my id to the Social Security Administration but hadn't heard anything. Until I get a letter or document confirming that my Social Security records have been amended and I am who I say I am, I can't get a Indiana driving licence. Ben has offered to go into the Federal Building with all my documents and another completed form. Happy lady at the BMV told me I needed a 'NUMI' form and then I could do my tests.

Ben was able to carry on with his test which involved going out for a 10 minute drive and performing a parallel park. That was it. Unsurprisingly he passed. There seemed to be a bit of a &#…

Tom Cruise!

I only get a mention on the official Tom Cruise blog part of his website! His verified Twitter feed asked about movies that inspire yesterday and I tweeted a reply. Didn't think anything of it. I have had 2 celebrities reply to my Tweets - Richard Bacon and Alexander Armstrong.

Tom Cruise (Ok not actually him but one of his 'people' only went and re-tweeted my post! Now it is on the Official Tom Cruise blog. Along with my photo! I am part of a screen grab of tweets! Check it out here. I think I may love Tom Cruise! (My Twitter user name is sarah1807 in case you have a problem finding me!)

This weekends activities involve driving tests, Christmas light celebrations and chopping down trees!