Thursday, December 17, 2009

Change of Class

Tomorrow is the last day of the semester at Z's school. He has enjoyed going and really loves going by the school bus. One thing that has been a bit of an 'issue' is the curriculum. It is so much more advanced than the school he went to in the UK that he has really struggled to keep up with it all. Also you have to have turned 6 by August 1 and Z didn't turn 6 until the end of August. So, after discussion with his teacher, the Principal and Ben, it has been decided that next Semester he will be going into a Kindergarten class. This is not like the Reception class he was in when at school in the UK. It is more like a Year 1/Year 2 class. He is happy with the decision and hopefully he will thrive in the new class. The kids will still be his age so he is not going to be with really young kids. Also because of his age there won't be any 'stigma' with being held back a year. It was either going to be keep him in 1st grade and have him struggle through the year and then repeat the year again, or go to Kindergarten and move up with the class to 1st grade next August.
I do/did worry that I caused this problem for him as I decided he should go to 1st grade without properly looking at the curriculum and speaking to the school. I have put all this pressure on a 6 year old boy that wasn't ready for it. Luckily he still seems to be enjoying school and has never said he didn't want to go ro refused to do the homework. I just hope this change in class will benefit him and he will feel like he is improving and able to understand what he is being taught.
Tomorrow is Christmas party day at school and he finishes at 10.50am. Saturday will be bringing us snow!

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