Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Even though it is Christmas Eve, I decided to go against my best judgement and went to Castleton Mall to do some Christmas shopping! I am usually done with all the Christmas shopping by the middle of November but this year there was a slight delay to starting the Christmas preparations. (We moved to Indiana and have been a bit busy trying to get the apartment sorted)
Anyway, Ben dropped me off at the mall and he went off with the kids. I aimed to be done in an hour and a half and I was. I called Ben after an hour to get him to come collect me again. Turned out he was in the food court so I didn't have long to wait.
We came home and I wrapped up all the things I had bought. Then the kids had a nap as we were going to a Christmas Eve party at the home of a fellow British Expat. We drove over to Angela and Kevan's house and then followed them over to the party. A good time was had by all. K had decided to go in her Snow White outfit and between her and Z they ate almost all of the fruit in the house! I drove home and managed to get back safely and without getting lost! We put the kids to bed and then put out the gifts from 'Santa'. Then to bed. I just know we will be awake by 4am!

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