Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Tree Hunting

Today we went to get our Christmas Tree. We had looked at fake ones pre-lit and they averaged about $280! So we decided to get a real tree. It is environmentally friendly and cheaper! We found a tree farm and decided to drive up and choose a tree.
Don't worry we measured the height of the room and worked out the maximum height of tree our room could cope with. No National Lampoons Christmas Vacation here!

After a short drive up to the farm we find that there are loads of trees to choose from. The kids are all bundled up as it is  freezin cold and they run around looking at all the trees trying to decide which one to get. There were a few pointed at that would not have gotten through the door and so were quickly bypassed.

Eventually we find one and decide it is the right height and width for our living room. I get a pot/stand thing for it and the guys at the farm take it round back to drill a hole in it for the stand and attach the stand to the bottom whilst I go to pay.

It gets strapped to the roof of the car and we head home to put it in the room and then go to get lights for it. I had already bought some baubles but no lights so we go to Meijer to get some lights and then set about decorating it. The kids love it and K gets to put the star on the top. It just fits!

Our first ever real Christmas tree. I just hope it survuves until Christmas day! Must remember to water it every so often! All we need now are presents at the bottom of it. Must do Christmas shopping. Only problem is need to do it without the kids being there and that is easier said than done!

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