Thursday, December 10, 2009

Police and Firemen

Today started off like any normal day. Z went to school and Ben went off to work with Dan. Z had been complaining of a poorly tummy last night but decided he was better in the morning and could go to school. Anyway, I had the car so had plans to go to the grocery store to get a few bits and pieces.

I was thinking about getting ready to go when there was a knock on the door. It was the woman from next door and she was asking to borrow my phone. She looked upset and had a little boy next to her who looked around Z and K age range. I gave her the phone and stood in the doorway whilst she used it. She was asking whoever she called to come get her and her husband/boyfriend/partner who is on crutches was trying to get past her saying stuff like 'I am going to tell them you are abusing me' and was pushing her out the way with his crutches and she kept going in front of him. She gave me the phone back and I shut the door. A few minutes later the little boy knocked on the door and asked to borrow the phone again. I gave him it and left the door slightly open for them to bring it back. I sat on the couch with K and watched a cartoon. Next thing I know a police car turns up and a policeman is calling through the door asking if I called the police. I say no but it might have been the neighbours as they borrowed the phone. He knocks on the door and the woman answers and she gives the phone back to me and goes back inside with the policeman. I shut my door and sit back down with K on the couch. A few minutes later and someone is opening my door. I jump up and open it before anyone come in and there are 4 firemen stood there asking if I called for them. I say, again, no but it might be the neighbours as they borrowed my phone.

I go back to sitting on the couch and wait to see if the policeman comes back to ask me anything about what was going on. Eventually I hear people in the corridor and someone says that someone is being taken to hospital and then it all goes quite and the police cars go away so I decide it is fine to leave so I take K out to the grocery store.

We get the bits and pieces we need and head home again. I haver just got all the stuff in cupboards and am opening the apartment door to take the rubbish out and I come face to face with the same policeman as earlier. He has come back to ask me about earlier. He asks what I heard and saw. Turns out the man with the crutches had said he had been screaming and shouting for help but I didn't hear any of it. The policeman writes down everything I say but doesn't ask for my name so I am assuming that I am not going to hear anything else about it. Unless the neighbours come back and do it all again!

All this before lunch time!
I am not going out again, except to meet Z from his bus, as it is -9C but the windchill makes it feel like -18C!

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