Saturday, December 5, 2009

To Drive or Not to Drive

Ben was scheduled to take his driving test today so he could get an Indiana State driving licence. I hoped to do my written test so I could schedule my driving test but after speaking to a very miserable woman at the BMV she told me I couldn't as my Social Security Card did not match my 'primary id' as the names were not the same. I had sent off the form and copies of my id to the Social Security Administration but hadn't heard anything. Until I get a letter or document confirming that my Social Security records have been amended and I am who I say I am, I can't get a Indiana driving licence. Ben has offered to go into the Federal Building with all my documents and another completed form. Happy lady at the BMV told me I needed a 'NUMI' form and then I could do my tests.

Ben was able to carry on with his test which involved going out for a 10 minute drive and performing a parallel park. That was it. Unsurprisingly he passed. There seemed to be a bit of a 'computer says no' going on afterwards as same happy woman that had seen me, took about 45 minutes to get Ben's licence sorted out. Eventually he got a printout of what his licence will look like but not the actual licence. The BMV have to check with Homeland Security that all the visas/documents etc Ben provided them with are legal and he is supposed to be in the US. At least I now have an idea what to expect when I finally get to that point. I am hoping it won't take me 7 attempts to pass like it did in the UK though!

After finishing up at the BMV we went to the Childrens Museum again and then home for a nap before heading out to the Columbus Electric Lights Parade. We arrived after it had started but found a very good parking space by the Dairy Queen and only had to walk for about 2 minutes until we found a decent vantage point to watch all the floats go by with their Christmas lights on. We got 4 hot chocolates for $3 as one of them was only half full and the guy serving us didn't have a refill to hand. After standing watching it all for a while we went back to the car and the kids watched the fireworks from the warmth of the back seat.

As it was late I knew we wouldn't get back in time for dinner so got some food from McDonalds. mmmm. Lovely. not.

Tomorrow we are going tree hunting. We are getting a real Christmas tree for the first time ever.

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