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Day 1 in Indiana

So much for the lie in! I went to bed just before midnight and thought I could sleep till at least 10am. Nope. Not a chance. It should have been obvious really, what with Z & K's tendencies for waking at ridiculous times in the morning! I was woken before 7am and that was it. I needed to get up. Ben was going to work and the kids needed supervising. Granted I didn't get dressed until 10ish but I would have rather to have been getting out of bed at that point!

I decided to let the kids watch some kids shows on TV whilst I attempted to unpack. One problem with that is there isn't enough hangers and no drawers in my bedroom! The kids have drawers and I manage to get some stuff put away for them and hang up some stuff. Unfortunately due to space I have had to put t-shirts and trousers on the top shelf in the walk in closet so there is no chance of them being able to dress themselves when they get up as they can't reach everything!

Eventually I manage to unpack everythi…

Whole Day of Travelling

Who in their right mind wakes up at 4am?! I woke up every hour from about 2am as the roll-away bed I was sleeping on was not comfortable and I think it may have been one of the worst nights sleep I have ever had. The good thing though was that we were waking up at a hotel right by Heathrow airport. As our flight was 8.40am, we had to be checked in by 5.40am and the thought of travelling down to the airport filled me with dread. We would have had to leave at about 3am so I would have had to wake up at 2am. I am not a morning person so I wasn't too keen on this idea. My in-laws kindly offered to book and pay for a hotel for me and the kids to stay in so we would not have a rush in the morning and travelling to airport would not be so bad. In-laws also booked and paid for a big taxi to take us to the airport on Wednesday afternoon. The taxi driver had to get a bit creative with the cases but we managed to get everything in and still have a bit of leg room. Brother in law was travelli…

Last Day In UK

Today is the last day I shall be in the UK with my 2 children. Tomorrow we fly out to begin a new chapter in our lives in the USA. Heathrow to Houston to Indianapolis. It is going to be a long day for me but and even longer day for Z (6 years old) and K (4 years old). They get to see their daddy for the first time in 3 weeks. We will be a family again. I just hope I make it over without losing my mind. First thing is to get past check in without being told the bags are too heavy and stuff has to be taken out. I have already taken loads out and donated to charity. The pile of clothes, shoes, bedding and other bits and pieces at the top of the stairs has been getting bigger and bigger every day. It is not easy to weigh suitcases when the only means to do it is by standing on a set of bathroom scales and lifting the bag up and trying to angle yourself so you can see the dial! I have paid for 3 extra bags and 3 overweight bags. I hope that is enough as it was almost $300! 1 adult and 2 sm…