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Frigging Car

Picked the car up yesterday morning and drove it home. I went a longer route than I should have as I missed the turning, twice, and we went to the grocery store and then to get gas before getting home. Ben sent me a text asking if there was any green under the car as the garage called to say that they noticed a green spot on the ground after I had driven away and said if we brought it back they would check it for leaks. Shouldn't they have noticed that before I collected the car?? I went out in the snow, yes it is snowing again, and looked under the car. I couldn't see anything and called Ben to tell him so. All seemed fine.

Ben was late getting back from the office as he had to wait for Dan to finish doing something. That is one of the problems with car pooling. You are on the other persons time schedule. (They are considering cutting back on the car pooling and only doing it around 2 times a week so that if one has to stick around in the office, the other is not kept waiting…

Meal Out with Kids

Fellow expats, and all round fabulous people, David and Sian invited us out with them and their daughter on Friday night to have a meal at a nearby restaurant. As we were having car problems we would only be able to go if they picked us up and Ben would meet us there as he would not get out of work until we were already in the restaurant.

In the afternoon Z came home from school and for the following few hours kept asking over and over again when he would be having his dinner. (I hadn't told him or K about going out to eat) K also began to act up as she was getting tired so I sent Sian a message suggesting we postpone and told the kids I would make them pasta. I have literally just started the pasta when Sian turned up at the door. I didn't say anything about the message I had sent and the kids suddenly were all excited at the thought of going out and did not seem tired at all. So I got them ready and off we went. (Sian saw the message later that night and said I should have s…

American Football

I just finished watching the playoff game between the Indianapolis Colts and the New York Jets.

The Colts are going to the Superbowl! Yeah baby!!

2nd Opinion

Always get a 2nd opinion. Always.

As I mentioned before the car is needing some repairs and Ben took it to a garage on Wednesday. They called him and said it would be between $900 and $1200 to fix!!

He took it to a second place yesterday and they said it would cost quite a bit to fix. $450!

It is booked in for Monday to get the work done and Ben will collect it Tuesday morning. It is staying at the garage until the work is done as it isn't really advisable to drive it until it is repaired. So no car this weekend. We just need to find the $450. Who needs food anyway?!

Car Problems

So, Ben took the car into a garage this morning to get them to look at it. They called and it needs new radiator, thermostat, need to look at power steering as it is f****d....... Approximate cost for repairs? Between $900-$1200! Guy at garage said we could get the work done or cut or loses and get a new car. haha! If you can't afford the repairs where would you get the money for a new car?!

Ben is going to ask them to put it back together again and bring it back home. I think Dan is going to be giving him rides to work until we work out what to do. The car is safe to drive short distances, like round the corner to the store (just as well really as we need milk and cereal) but not to Ben's work in Indianapolis. Buggeration.

How much could I get for a kidney?

Lincoln Park Zoo Chicago

The kids get a treat each weekend if they have done all their chores during the week and completed their reward chart. (One of the best purchases made since arriving in US)

This weekend we decided to go out of state to Illinois and visit the zoo in Chicago. The zoo itself is free but parking is not. (We ended up paying $17 for parking but due to the bitter cold temperature and time of our arrival we didn't mind) We hired a car as we didn't want to risk breaking down in our car after it overheating and all the smoke coming from it the other week. (It has since overheated again and I am getting mighty peeved with the frigging car but it is the only one we have and can't afford another one so we are stuck) The hire car was a 2010 Chevy Impala and was a lovely drive. The engine was so quite a few times when we were parked I did wonder if it was actually on!

The kids loved looking at all the animals and taking pictures. They both show a great fascination with the camera and takin…

Playoffs - Colts v Ravens

Indianapolis Colts are playing Baltimore Ravens in the playoffs tonight. (Shown on CBS at 8.15pm)

As I am in Indiana I say....GO COLTS!!!

New Cell Phone

I shall be getting a new cell phone very soon. I currently have a pay as you go phone with AT&T but this new one with Verizon is going be so much better!!

Sandwich Anyone?

K wanted to make a sandwich today for her lunch. I had left a ziplock bag on the side table and she wanted to used what was in the bag as part of her sandwich. So today for her lunch she had a Graham Cracker and cucumber sandwich. Yummy. I politely declined when she offered me a bit.


Took K for a 'Play & Learn' session at the local Gymboree this morning. Gave her a chance to meet other kids and get to play and run around. The session I took her too is late Monday mornings so she can go mad for a bit then come home to have lunch. Well, that's the plan. She decided that she wasn't happy with me when I said we were not having lunch there. Besides the lunch 'issue' she really enjoyed herself and loved running around the place. There was about 6 kids there and all but one of them were younger than her. One girl who I think may have been 5 took a shine to K and held her hand when we did 'ring a roses'. One of the staff thought K was putting on her accent a bit at one point and said 'K you sounded English then' to whick K just looked at her and gave her a puzzled look, as if to say 'You silly woman I am English!' At the end I said that we were British and that is how K usually sounds, although she is picking up more and…

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

Today Ben had decided that he was going to enjoy the snow with the kids and go seldging. (No car crashes this time) I opted to go to The Fashion Mall at Keystone and have a mooch round the shops. I got dropped off and wandered round the shops. Bought a few bits and pieces from Gap, the Apple Store and Williams Sonoma. I fnished off by getting a few hot chocolates from Starbucks and then got picked up by Ben and the kids.

We were driving along the street and were stopped at some lights when I noticed that there appeared to be smoke coming from the front of the car. Luckily we were near a gas station so were able to pull in there and get off the road. Ben opened the bonnet/hood and we looked to see what was going on. Luckily there was no flames but there was a lot of smoke. At the same time we were looking at the engine a car pulls up and the driver asks us if we need any help. (Everytime we have had a problem or needed help someone has been there to help us. A lot of the time this has …

Snow Day

It started snowing this morning. It hasn't stopped yet. It is powdery snow which makes it difficult to make a snowball or snowman. It all goes everywhere if there is any wind!

I brushed all the snow off the car this morning for Ben. I made the mistake of starting at the front of the car and when I went round and got back to the front windshield again, it was covered in snow again!

Ben got to work about half an hour later than usual but he got there safely. I have given him my Starbucks card so he and Dan can get a hot drink on the way back to the car if they want to, that is if they go past a Starbucks!

It has been around -12C all day and it is not likely to get any warmer tomorrow. The snow is supposed to continue until late Friday but then stop.

We were planning on maybe going on a trip out of State on Saturday but it will be dependant on the weather. I was thinking maybe we could go to our nearest IKEA which is in Ohio or we could go to Jungle Jims International Market which i…

K Getting Ready for New Years Eve

K is becoming a bit of a Princess and very girlie. She is liking sparkly things and has now discovered make up. My make up to be precise! She wanted to get herself made up for the New Years party we were going to. (I did clean her up a bit before we actually went out. I am not a mean mummy!)

She did choose to wear an elf outfit with rather fetching red and white stripy knee high socks! She delcared she wanted a top like Hannah Montana and has mentioned before that she wanted to have clippety shoes (shoes with a mini high heel).

She is 5 in April but why am I getting visions of her as a teenager?? Will she be a cheerleader? Will she only go out with make up on? Will she teach me how to put make up on as I am not good at it!

Driving Test

This morning I took my driving test so I can get an Indiana State driving licence. It should reduce the insurance premiums.

My test was 09.30am so I left at 09.00 to get there in time and sign in. Also to calm my nerves as I hate doing practical type tests! I had to de-ice the car first and that took about 10 minutes! I had left a bottle of water in the car overnight and it was frozen solid! The temperature guage said it was 8 degrees F! That is about -13 in celsius!

I get to the test centre in time, park up and go in. I forget to take in the car registration so have to go back out to get it. The guy who did my test is the same guy who Ben did his with. The whole test was about 10 minutes. Around the block with the odd left and right turn, drive through a school zone and then a parallel park before back to the BMV office. By the way, when I did the parallel park there was only one other car in the street so if I had failed that then I would never drive again!

Most of the test was spen…

New Years Eve

Last time I was in America for New Years it was 1994 and I was in Michigan. We went to Crystal Mountain and I tried skiing. (I am not good at skiing!)

This time I was in Indiana with my husband and children. We were invited to a party and the home of Sarah and Keith who are fellow British Expats. They have a gorgeous house. Very nice. I think our entire apartment would fit in their basement! There were other Expats there and some American friends of Sarah and Keith. We drank, played pub quizzes, chatted, laughed and there was dancing later (but we had left by then as kids were exhausted.)

The party was lots of fun and I drank a few glasses of red wine. I have been the designated driver the last few times we have been out so I made sure I had a few alcoholic drinks!

2010 has gotten off to a great start and I hope it continues. I have my driving test tomorrow so hopefully that will go well!

I have put this second picture on as I like how my hair looks really shiny!