Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Car Problems

So, Ben took the car into a garage this morning to get them to look at it. They called and it needs new radiator, thermostat, need to look at power steering as it is f****d....... Approximate cost for repairs? Between $900-$1200! Guy at garage said we could get the work done or cut or loses and get a new car. haha! If you can't afford the repairs where would you get the money for a new car?!

Ben is going to ask them to put it back together again and bring it back home. I think Dan is going to be giving him rides to work until we work out what to do. The car is safe to drive short distances, like round the corner to the store (just as well really as we need milk and cereal) but not to Ben's work in Indianapolis. Buggeration.

How much could I get for a kidney?

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