Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Frigging Car

Picked the car up yesterday morning and drove it home. I went a longer route than I should have as I missed the turning, twice, and we went to the grocery store and then to get gas before getting home. Ben sent me a text asking if there was any green under the car as the garage called to say that they noticed a green spot on the ground after I had driven away and said if we brought it back they would check it for leaks. Shouldn't they have noticed that before I collected the car?? I went out in the snow, yes it is snowing again, and looked under the car. I couldn't see anything and called Ben to tell him so. All seemed fine.

Ben was late getting back from the office as he had to wait for Dan to finish doing something. That is one of the problems with car pooling. You are on the other persons time schedule. (They are considering cutting back on the car pooling and only doing it around 2 times a week so that if one has to stick around in the office, the other is not kept waiting. But that means I will have less opportunity to get out and about with the kids and will be stuck in the apartment more and the only way round that is if I had my own car and that isn't going to be happening.)

This morning Ben drove to work as Dan has a church thing after work so he has gone in his own car. I had to mail back a dvd to Netflix so I walked up the street with K to the mailbox. I came out to the car park and saw the now empty spot when I had parked the car and there was a green spot on the ground. Bugger. That means there is a leak of some description. Unfortunately we just have to deal with it and find the cash to pay for another repair. So all you people that drive decent cars and go on summer holidays. Enjoy it. Me, Ben and the kids certainly won't be going anywhere this summer. Not the way this car is hemorrhaging money!

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