Monday, January 11, 2010


Took K for a 'Play & Learn' session at the local Gymboree this morning. Gave her a chance to meet other kids and get to play and run around. The session I took her too is late Monday mornings so she can go mad for a bit then come home to have lunch. Well, that's the plan. She decided that she wasn't happy with me when I said we were not having lunch there. Besides the lunch 'issue' she really enjoyed herself and loved running around the place. There was about 6 kids there and all but one of them were younger than her. One girl who I think may have been 5 took a shine to K and held her hand when we did 'ring a roses'. One of the staff thought K was putting on her accent a bit at one point and said 'K you sounded English then' to whick K just looked at her and gave her a puzzled look, as if to say 'You silly woman I am English!' At the end I said that we were British and that is how K usually sounds, although she is picking up more and more 'Americanisms' every day.

They do different classes there like music, art, sport and have a pre school class to get the kids ready for going to Kindergarten. I think that the class we did to day may be a bit young for K and I will look into her maybe doing a sport class. There is one I can drop her off at and collect a couple hours later. I was given a leaflet explaining it all so will look at it tonight and decide what is best. K really needs to get involved in something. I think I will also look at the classes they do at the Monon Centre and see if there is something there she might like. Only issue is having the car. As Ben carpools to work with Dan I need to make sure that I can have the car on set days. Ideally I would have my own car but that would require me suddenly having about $5,000 to buy one. I guess I'll keep buying lottery tickets on Saturdays.

Once we left Gymboree we quickly made a stop at Target so I could get a slow cooker. I have a few recipes in mind and really missed having the one my mum gave me for Christmas a few years ago.

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