Sunday, January 3, 2010

K Getting Ready for New Years Eve

K is becoming a bit of a Princess and very girlie. She is liking sparkly things and has now discovered make up. My make up to be precise! She wanted to get herself made up for the New Years party we were going to. (I did clean her up a bit before we actually went out. I am not a mean mummy!)

She did choose to wear an elf outfit with rather fetching red and white stripy knee high socks! She delcared she wanted a top like Hannah Montana and has mentioned before that she wanted to have clippety shoes (shoes with a mini high heel).

She is 5 in April but why am I getting visions of her as a teenager?? Will she be a cheerleader? Will she only go out with make up on? Will she teach me how to put make up on as I am not good at it!

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