Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lincoln Park Zoo Chicago

The kids get a treat each weekend if they have done all their chores during the week and completed their reward chart. (One of the best purchases made since arriving in US)

This weekend we decided to go out of state to Illinois and visit the zoo in Chicago. The zoo itself is free but parking is not. (We ended up paying $17 for parking but due to the bitter cold temperature and time of our arrival we didn't mind) We hired a car as we didn't want to risk breaking down in our car after it overheating and all the smoke coming from it the other week. (It has since overheated again and I am getting mighty peeved with the frigging car but it is the only one we have and can't afford another one so we are stuck) The hire car was a 2010 Chevy Impala and was a lovely drive. The engine was so quite a few times when we were parked I did wonder if it was actually on!

The kids loved looking at all the animals and taking pictures. They both show a great fascination with the camera and taking photos. K is a bit more artsy and abstract whereas Z takes pictures of actual things and people. I may get them a kid proof camera for their birthdays so they don't break mine. Plus mine is a bit big for their little hands!

Anyway, at the zoo we wandered around and took in all the exhibits that were open. Due to the cold some of the animals were not outside. One of the zebras has apparently been having seizures so they were all being monitored.

I am not sure how I feel about animals in zoos. One one hand I like being able to see them and the kids do learn things. But on the other hand the animals are not in their natural habitat. Some of the animals were probably bred in captivity so wouldn't be able to survive in the wild though. It was a bit sad to see the big tiger pacing up and down. Z and K enjoyed looking at the animals and going into the store to get a toy at the end. K did have a bit of a hissy fit when we wouldn't let her go to the store earlier in the visit but she eventually got over it.

We set off for home at about 5pm but Ben thought it would be good to have a look round Chicago before leaving. The satnav we used on the Droid phone died just before we arrived in Chicago so we were using the google map feature on our new Droid Eris phones and it takes a bit of getting used to. Drivers in Chicago, particularly taxi drivers, are mental! They honk their horns at anything. We were going round a corner past 3 horse and carriages and a taxi driver honked at us! One taxi overtook us and a bus but then got stuck in between 2 buses. There was also a load of police cars and fire engines at one point but we couldn't see any accidents anywhere. No idea what was going on there.

We eventually made it out of the city and headed back towards Indiana. There was fog on the way back. A LOT of fog. It was so thick I haven't seen anything like it. You could see the end of the car but that was pretty much it. Most of the road on the way back didn't have street lights which was good. However, when we hit a bit of road with lighting it was blinding due to the effect the light had on the fog. We arrived home at about 11.30pm and everyone went to bed. I checked the Colts game score and was pleased to see they had won quite convincingly. Next up is NY Jets on Sunday January 24th. I have my Colts sweatshirt now so I am all set for the game.

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  1. I live about two blocks from the zoo - we go about every other day. Doesn't that deer look as though he's going to tip over with the antlers? Glad you enjoyed it.


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