Monday, January 25, 2010

Meal Out with Kids

Fellow expats, and all round fabulous people, David and Sian invited us out with them and their daughter on Friday night to have a meal at a nearby restaurant. As we were having car problems we would only be able to go if they picked us up and Ben would meet us there as he would not get out of work until we were already in the restaurant.

In the afternoon Z came home from school and for the following few hours kept asking over and over again when he would be having his dinner. (I hadn't told him or K about going out to eat) K also began to act up as she was getting tired so I sent Sian a message suggesting we postpone and told the kids I would make them pasta. I have literally just started the pasta when Sian turned up at the door. I didn't say anything about the message I had sent and the kids suddenly were all excited at the thought of going out and did not seem tired at all. So I got them ready and off we went. (Sian saw the message later that night and said I should have said something when she turned up. But if I am honest I was pleased to have some adult company and get out the apartment!)

We went to a restaurant in Clay Terrace called Red Robin. I had a very nice chicken burger and the kids had chicken strips, Z had melon with his and K had carrots. They both had milkshakes to drink. Usually in restaurants you can get things like bottomless cups of coffee or endless refills of soft drinks. At Red Robin they do endless fries. They just keep bringing fries to the table!

Z got a bit over excited and kept running around the place but they both ate all their food and Z even managed some ice cream for dessert. Ben arrived just as we were finishing our food but he decided to just have a beer and eat the fries and a bit of my burger that I had left. It was a really good night and I have no idea how much it cost as David paid the bill. Thanks for that David but I did have my wallet with me so I could have paid something, at least covered the cost of the food me, Z & K ate!

When we got back to the apartment the kids went to bed with minimal fuss. Maybe we should take them out more often.

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