Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Eve

Last time I was in America for New Years it was 1994 and I was in Michigan. We went to Crystal Mountain and I tried skiing. (I am not good at skiing!)

This time I was in Indiana with my husband and children. We were invited to a party and the home of Sarah and Keith who are fellow British Expats. They have a gorgeous house. Very nice. I think our entire apartment would fit in their basement! There were other Expats there and some American friends of Sarah and Keith. We drank, played pub quizzes, chatted, laughed and there was dancing later (but we had left by then as kids were exhausted.)

The party was lots of fun and I drank a few glasses of red wine. I have been the designated driver the last few times we have been out so I made sure I had a few alcoholic drinks!

2010 has gotten off to a great start and I hope it continues. I have my driving test tomorrow so hopefully that will go well!

I have put this second picture on as I like how my hair looks really shiny!

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