Saturday, January 9, 2010

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

Today Ben had decided that he was going to enjoy the snow with the kids and go seldging. (No car crashes this time) I opted to go to The Fashion Mall at Keystone and have a mooch round the shops. I got dropped off and wandered round the shops. Bought a few bits and pieces from Gap, the Apple Store and Williams Sonoma. I fnished off by getting a few hot chocolates from Starbucks and then got picked up by Ben and the kids.

We were driving along the street and were stopped at some lights when I noticed that there appeared to be smoke coming from the front of the car. Luckily we were near a gas station so were able to pull in there and get off the road. Ben opened the bonnet/hood and we looked to see what was going on. Luckily there was no flames but there was a lot of smoke. At the same time we were looking at the engine a car pulls up and the driver asks us if we need any help. (Everytime we have had a problem or needed help someone has been there to help us. A lot of the time this has been to give car related assistance!) The guy introduces himself as Terrence and his girlfriend/wife/partner/friend (I'm not sure what there relationship was) waits in his car. Terrence along with Ben examine the engine and all the stuff going on. It turns out there is no coolant in the engine. The bottle for that is empty! Between then the 2 men top up all the bottles in the engine and check the oil. Terrence recommends a coolant and says not to get 50/50 as it would freeze as there is water in it. Ben buys a bottle of coolant (and spare for the back) and a bottle of oil and everything gets sorted. The smoke goes away and everything seems to be working. Terrence tells us what to do if the smoke continues and where to go. He also suggests what the problem could be if the smoke continues and how much it would be to fix if it is the problem that he thinks it is. Once everything seems to be fine Terrence bids us goodbye and god bless. What a lovely man. Very helpful and he even offered to buy the oil and coolant for Ben when they went into the store at the gas station.

Safe to say I am getting a bit peeved with this car and if I had it in my ability I would buy another car. I even bought a lottery ticket for the Hoosier lottery tonight. Fingers crossed!

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