Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Day

It started snowing this morning. It hasn't stopped yet. It is powdery snow which makes it difficult to make a snowball or snowman. It all goes everywhere if there is any wind!

I brushed all the snow off the car this morning for Ben. I made the mistake of starting at the front of the car and when I went round and got back to the front windshield again, it was covered in snow again!

Ben got to work about half an hour later than usual but he got there safely. I have given him my Starbucks card so he and Dan can get a hot drink on the way back to the car if they want to, that is if they go past a Starbucks!

It has been around -12C all day and it is not likely to get any warmer tomorrow. The snow is supposed to continue until late Friday but then stop.

We were planning on maybe going on a trip out of State on Saturday but it will be dependant on the weather. I was thinking maybe we could go to our nearest IKEA which is in Ohio or we could go to Jungle Jims International Market which is also in Ohio.

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