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Z and K being nice to each other.

The Week That Was

That was the week that was. The last week has been very busy for Ben as he is managing the new Rice-A-Roni website and they have changed a lot of things, including the deadline date so he has been late back from work for most of the week. He is hoping to get home earlier tonight. He is expecting to work tomorrow and also Z has been banging on about "Family Fitness Night" at his school which is tonight. I think he wants to go as someone has told him he will get a goodie bag at the end of the night. I am not sure if this is true or not but he is expecting it so he wants to go. Not sure if he totally understands that he will have to do lots of activities before he gets any rewards!

Z is really coming on with his reading. He is bringing home a zip-lock bag with a collection of reading books in it. He has to read at least one each night. He is getting more and more confident with his reading and when he is reading aloud the change in his accent becomes more obvious. Instead of sa…

911 What's Your Emergency?

I don't remember the first telephone call I made. I will remember the first call my daughter made without my knowledge. It was last night and I was watching "The Wedding Singer". The kids were in bed. Z had a bedtime story but K didn't. She requested one later but we told her she could have a story in the morning. She seemed OK with that idea and off she went back to bed. Next thing I know is that I am hearing a man's voice coming from the children's bedrooms. She has only gone and taken the phone from our bedroom and called someone. I took the phone and hung up as I thought she had just pressed some random numbers. Then I look in the call history for last call made. It was to 911. The phone then starts ringing! It was 911 checking that we were all OK. I spoke to K and stressed to her the importance of not calling 911 unless it was an emergency and that she really shouldn't use the phone without me or her dad knowing. I thought that was the end of it. It …

The Ellen Show on Twitter

A while ago you may recall that I got all excited as I got RT (retweeted) on Twitter by Tom Cruise and he started following me.

Now I am all excited as I have had a DM (direct message) from The Ellen Show! I had tweeted something to her and she sent me a message back. OK so it was probably people on her show and not actually Ellen DeGeneres but still! Not only did I get a reply but she is following me now too!

I am all giddy like a school girl. I admit I am easily excited but there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! I love Twitter.

Before Here

I used to pretend to be a writer. I attempted to write a book. I got just over half way through it but stopped. The inspiration just seemed to go away. Maybe it was due to trying to move abroad.
Ben asked me last week what I wanted to do, for a job/career. The only thing I could think of was write.
Not long after that an idea sparkled its way into my head. All I need to do now is grab it before it sparkles away.
After all, writers write.

Ladies Night Party

On Friday I went to a party at Sian's house. The invite stated that it was a 'ladies night' party. That could mean anything but I am game for a laugh so I agreed to go. I even agreed to let the sat nav lady direct me. We don't have the best history and I don't entirely like the tone of her voice!

Ben got back from work and I got ready to go out. I hadn't been feeling all that great during the week and I had what I thought was the beginnings of impetigo. (This has subsequently been treated by an over the counter remedy and has almost gone completely. I think I may have been lucky and caught it early when it was still just a cold sore)

 I set out in the car in the direction of Sians house. At least that is what I hoped. I've been to her house before but when I am a passenger in a car I don't usually pay a lot of attention to the direction we are going or notice any landmarks to help me get there again. I am good at noticing smoke coming from the vehicle I …

Valentines Day

It was never like this at school when I was a kid. If you were lucky you might get 1 or 2 cards that had been made during art class. Here in the US it seems to be a different kettle of fish. Z came home with the class newsletter last week saying the children could give out Valentines starting from Monday and if they were then they should give one to everyone in the class. They were not to write their names on the envelopes only who from on the card. There are 24 children in Z's class (including him). I was dreading buying 23 individual Valentine cards so was relieved to see a box of 32 when I was at Kroger for only $1.99! Turned out they were not actual cards, more like little postcards and did not have envelopes. Z was very good and sat at the table and wrote his name on 23 cards for his classmates.

Today they had Valentine parties at school and he came home with a 'party bag' full of Valentines cards and candy. Some kids had suckers (lollipops) attached to their cards an…

A Quick Hello

I have just been looking at my stats and wanted to say hello to my visitor who is in South Dakota.

"Hello there, hope you're well and thanks for your regular, almost daily, visits"  :)

My blog has it's very own RSS feed over at the website. oooh! :)
I am going to try to contribute some stuff to the newsletter/magazine that goes out. I have joined the writers community groups on the website and will check to see if there is anything I can write about for them.

LOST is Back!

One good thing about being in the US is that a lot of TV shows I like are on now and I don't have to wait for them to be shown on UK television, usually Sky.

Tonight LOST is back for its final season. Some questions are going to be answered but I bet there will be a lot of stuff that won't be. They have said there will be no spin offs or specials. Once this season finishes then that is it.

Bring on 8pm for the 1 hour recap followed by the 2 hour season opener!