Sunday, February 21, 2010

911 What's Your Emergency?

I don't remember the first telephone call I made. I will remember the first call my daughter made without my knowledge. It was last night and I was watching "The Wedding Singer". The kids were in bed. Z had a bedtime story but K didn't. She requested one later but we told her she could have a story in the morning. She seemed OK with that idea and off she went back to bed. Next thing I know is that I am hearing a man's voice coming from the children's bedrooms. She has only gone and taken the phone from our bedroom and called someone. I took the phone and hung up as I thought she had just pressed some random numbers. Then I look in the call history for last call made. It was to 911. The phone then starts ringing! It was 911 checking that we were all OK. I spoke to K and stressed to her the importance of not calling 911 unless it was an emergency and that she really shouldn't use the phone without me or her dad knowing. I thought that was the end of it. It wasn't. This morning she managed to get through the screen lock on Ben's cell phone and get to the emergency calls option! Is she trying to tell us something??


  1. hotel lady, EdinburghFebruary 21, 2010 at 5:24 PM

    Oh my! She is special, just like her mum!! Just think you have many, many years of your darling little angel to come. Just remember she has to have inherited her 'wit' and intellegence from one of you, love to be there when you are trying to decide which one. Could be worse, Zack could be doing the same, you heard the saying 'double trouble'?? lol x

  2. How strange but at least she will know what to do in an emergency!

  3. When one of mine did that, not only did they call back, they insisted on talking to him and gave him a right telling off. He was only four for god's sake - mind you, he never did it again!


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