Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Quick Hello

I have just been looking at my stats and wanted to say hello to my visitor who is in South Dakota.

"Hello there, hope you're well and thanks for your regular, almost daily, visits"  :)


  1. I have visitors like that, and I wish desperately that they'd comment. Do they like what they read? Do they come to make fun? I just want some insight! :)

    Have a great day!

  2. not sure if that might be me
    we're originally from England and love hearing how your adjusting to living in US
    we've lived here just over 2 yrs and I've only just started blogging so taking a while to get used to things and remembering to update my blog :)
    you seem to be settling in really well!!

  3. Thanks for both of your comments. I have a lot of readers each day but hardly anyone comments. Even if someone just said 'hi. just read your blog' I would be happy with that!
    I am going to keep plugging away at this blog and hopefully develop a bit more.

  4. Out of interest, do I show up on your statistics?

  5. Last visitor is registering as being from Mitcham Surrey. So says feedjit live.


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