Friday, February 26, 2010

The Week That Was

That was the week that was. The last week has been very busy for Ben as he is managing the new Rice-A-Roni website and they have changed a lot of things, including the deadline date so he has been late back from work for most of the week. He is hoping to get home earlier tonight. He is expecting to work tomorrow and also Z has been banging on about "Family Fitness Night" at his school which is tonight. I think he wants to go as someone has told him he will get a goodie bag at the end of the night. I am not sure if this is true or not but he is expecting it so he wants to go. Not sure if he totally understands that he will have to do lots of activities before he gets any rewards!

Z is really coming on with his reading. He is bringing home a zip-lock bag with a collection of reading books in it. He has to read at least one each night. He is getting more and more confident with his reading and when he is reading aloud the change in his accent becomes more obvious. Instead of saying 'and' he is saying something more like 'aynd'. I haven't escaped the accent change either. I have heard myself saying yo-gurt rather than yog-urt. I have not yet said tomayto though but I am sure it will come.

Following a recommendation I have arranged an appointment with a pedicatrician for both Z and K on Tuesday. I need to arrange Z's last dose of Hep B vaccine and K needs to have a scan of her kidneys to check them. She also needs to start the course of vaccines she needs for starting school in the Fall. (I haven't told her that so don't you go telling her!) The registration day for Kindergarten is on March 17 so I hope to have started the vaccination course before then. I need to find a Doctor (Primary Health Care Physician) for myself soon as I have a prescription I got in the UK that is almost finished.

K has worked out that her birthday is getting close. Can't quite believe she will be 5 in April though. She is getting very girlie and I think I will get her clothes for her birthday. She seems to like glittery, flowery, floaty and pretty things. She has developed a liking for accessories and asked me for a stage so she could sing and dance. (She wants to be Hannah Montana) I signed both the kids up for the Marsh supermarket kids club as you get a free birthday cake and other treats and rewards.

The weather is starting to improve here and according the the Weather Channel the highs at the end of next week will be around 6°C instead of the -16°C we have been having! Yay! Spring is on its way!

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