Saturday, March 6, 2010

Another Day Another State

We decided as the weekend was expected to be nice we would go out of State again. As we had gone to Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago a few weeks before, we thought we would head in the other direction and go to Cincinnati Zoo in Ohio.

We packed up a bag for snacks on the way and an overnight bag for everyone just in case we decided to stop at a motel over night.

We headed off and trusted the sat nav woman to get us where we wanted to go. Once we crossed the State line from Indiana into Ohio, Ben decided that the landscape looked different. He decided it looked more 'hilly'. Indiana is quite flat.

K and Z were in the back of the car with the camera and were taking shots of the journey. They mainly got bits of road and trees (as you can see from the attached pictures!).

When we arrived at the zoo it was quite sunny but not especially warm. It was a bit milder to the weather over the previous weekends though.

We had a nice wander around the zoo and saw a few more animals than we did in Chicago. At one point I was looking at a monkey with K when it decided to hang from a branch, put its feet on the window and wee over it! K turned to look at me and said, "that's yucky mummy". I couldn't have said it better myself!

Not many places were open to get food so we ended up at a pizza place and got 3 slices of cheese pizza. I made the mistake of balancing all the paper plates on top of each other and we ended up scraping the cheese off the bottom of 2 of the plates!

At the end of our visit we made a stop at the Zoo gift store so the kids could get something and then headed back in the direction of Indiana. At least we did for a little while. We made a quick stop at IKEA in West Chester where we bought a few bits and bobs and had a quick dinner of hot dog. We then headed back home and got home around 10pm.

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  1. Glad to know you have been getting around & seeing the live animals even with their basic instincts! Remember when we went to Twycross and saw the monkeying around there that Easter in the cold & how they were fascinated with the giraffes


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