Tuesday, March 2, 2010

First US Doctors Visit

I am just back from taking the kids to see a paediatrician for the first time ever in the US. I was not sure what to expect but I came out the other side with my sanity in tact. I was recommended this particular Doctor by another British Expat I have met over here. 

Once I got to the correct office I had to give my drivers licence and the medical insurance card so they could copy it. (Assuming this was so it could be held on file) I then had to complete two forms for each child with details of me and Ben and who was the insured person (Ben as we get the insurance through his work) I had to call him to ask what his SSN was. 

We then went through to get their height, weight and BP done. Then we waited for the Doctor to come in. I think we waited about 15 minutes. The kids each had their ears, throat, heart checked and Z had his 'undercarriage' as he calls it, checked. Chatted with Doctor a bit about their medical history. As Z has an eye issue and I have been given the name of a Doctor to take him to, but Doctor we saw today said to take a letter I had from the hospital in UK that we went to that details Z's problem as he may not need to see him and he may be fine seeing an optician. Also getting referred to a pediatric nephrologist for K's kidney problem. Z got somewhat surprised by the fact he had his final Hep B shot but recovered quickly when he was given stickers. K has a nurse appointment in May to get her shots for Kindergarten, this will be free apparently. I was given the names of Doctors in the neighboring office that I could see. We were there about an hour and as we have a co-pay I had to pay $40. The kids enjoyed the visit and the Dr gave them both stethoscopes for them to listen to their hearts with whilst he asked me questions about their medical history. They took copies of all the letters, test results etc that I had brought over from the UK.

I had never been in a Doctors office in the US before and was a bit worried as to what would happen and how much I would be asked to pay but it went alright. I can relax now. I just need to make an appointment for a Doctor for me as my prescription I got in the UK is almost finished and I 
need it re-filled.

I also picked up the KG enrolment papers for K to start school in the Fall. Got to have the filled out for Registration Day on March 17th.

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