Friday, March 26, 2010

Parent Teacher Conference

I went to Carmel Elementary this morning with Ben and K to have the first Parent Teacher Conference with Z's Kindergarten teacher. The memory of the first one we had with his teacher at his old school in the UK is still very clear in my mind. This one went well. I am pleased to report that Z is actually doing well. He is really progressing with his reading and his number skills are good. I think this is probably due to the work that Ben does with him in the mornings before breakfast. We got a lot of flash cards from the teacher he had when he first started at the school and was in 1st grade. There are a lot of word flash cards and some maths ones. Ben alternates which ones he uses and Z has gotten into the habit of doing something every morning.

There are a few issues we have to work on with him. For instance his fabulous imagination stops him from seeing reality in some issues. He also only wants to draw and write about dinosaurs, even if he has been asked to do something about St Patricks Day. I didn't expect to go in and see his teacher and be told how perfect he is and there is nothing we need to work on. Now that would be living in a fantasy land!

Overall I am pleased how it went and feel a lot better that we made the right decision in moving him back to Kindergarten from 1st grade.


  1. Glad to know Z is settling in and developing good maths and writing. FIL & I saw 13 ducklings on Ab Pk lake today & 2 Gt Spotted Woodpeckers in the trees today. I wonder if he knows how many we saw?

    Thats reality!

    Arent leprecorns a fantasy when St Patricks Day is being celebrated a bit on the heavy side!! Dinasaurs were real!! love MIL x

  2. Just found your blog and wanted to say "hiya". We are also in Indiana (Southern), and spent time in Belfast, NI as expats!


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