Thursday, March 25, 2010

Prizes and Surprises!

You may recall I entered K in a competition to be the new face of Next Direct in conjunction with its launch here in the US. Well she made the top 50 for about an hour then slid back down the rankings and ended up on page 13. Now the competition is finished and Next Direct are giving promotion codes to people who entered their kids in the competition and who voted. If you entered it you get a $30 credit with free shipping and if you voted you get a $20 credit and free shipping. I have used both of those, one to get K something for her upcoming birthday and something for Z as well. I used a few email addresses to vote so have had another 2 $20 promo codes that I have passed on to someone else to use. I am just waiting on the FedEx man turning up with the delivery.

You may also recall I have a new best friend and his name is Tom Cruise  and I mentioned before when he started following me on Twitter and even Re-tweeted something I posted. Well, he is also my friend on Facebook and the other day he ran a competition in conjunction with his new move "Knight and Day" with the prize being a Tom Cruise dvd. Well, I won! I got a message from his 'people' asking for my email address and mailing address so they could send me a dvd. I have no idea what one it will be but it'll be great. I don't often win things but it is a nice surprise every so often.

I went to Marsh last night to get some Bounty kitchen roll as we ran out and I stopped and got a lottery scratch card on the way out. I won $66!

They say things come in 3's so I think I have had my luck now.

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