Friday, April 23, 2010

We Got to Another State

As it was a sunny day we decided to go on a trip out of Carmel. In fact a trip out of Indiana. It appears that we seem to be working our way around Indiana. By that I mean we are working are way around the States that are next to Indiana. We have been to Ohio and Illinois and now Kentucky. (Next we go to Michigan!)

On April 11 we went on a day trip to Kentucky. We did not realise if we had left our trip to the following weekend we could have gone when it was Thunder Over Louisville was happening but nevermind.

So we went to the Louisville Science Center. They had an exhibit about the movie Robots and we thought the kids would like it as they like the movie. They also had a water exhibit which is always popular with the kids. Luckily they had waterproof jackets and dryers nearby. That did not stop K getting absolutely drenched though!

I enjoyed the museum but if I am honest I think the best museum I have been to so far is still the Childrens Museum of Indianapolis. Although we still have other bits of Indiana to visit and other parts of America to visit so I am sure there are lots of wonderful museums out there.

Once we had wandered around the museum we took a wander around Louisville. It was quiet. Very quiet. In fact it was a bit unnerving at times. Maybe it was quiet because it was Sunday, I don't know. I just know there were not many people around at all!

We saw the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory (but did not go in). I do actually want to get the kids a baseball glove and ball each. I think it would help their co-ordination. I also want to get them each a basketball and an American Football. They may find out they enjoy one of these sports or are actually quite good at it. (I can live in hope can't I?) We have actually had a visit to a Sporting Goods Store since this trip and both kids had a go bouncing a basketball and catching a football.

On the drive back we passed this couple on a motorcycle. I thought they were missing something rather vital. Can you spot what it is? (They were travelling at 70mph). I am not sure if it is law or not but if it isn't then it is at least common sense and they seem to be lacking it!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Plastic Surgery Day

Today was surgery day. Good grief that sounds like I was having major surgery. All I actually had done was have a mole removed from my bottom. It was in a very peculiar place, so they kept saying, and advised the best course of action was to have it removed.

I was scheduled for surgery at 10.15am and had to be at the hospital by 9.15am to register and fill out the insurance paperwork. I am becoming quite efficient at completing insurance paperwork! I had been told that I could not take K with me so the lovely Sian said she could watch her whilst I was having my 'procedure' done. She even offered to drive me round to the hospital. Isn't she lovely. The surgery was supposed to take 45 minutes so I would hopefully be done by 11am.

I was to go to Carmel Ambulatory Surgery Center which is not too far from where we live. Sian dropped me off at 9am and she went off with K. I registered and signed the paperwork and got my lovely hospital bracelet. I sat in the waiting area and watched ESPN until I was called through.

At 10am I was called through to get ready for surgery and had my blood pressure and temperature taken. By 10.15am I was in my ever so flattering gown and being wheeled through to the room where I was being 'operated' on. The Dr had drawn around my mole and I know found myself lying on the bed face down whilst a bullseye was effectively painted on my bum! I got a few injections of local anesthetic and off they set to work removing the offending mole. I chatted with them whilst they did the work, I forget their names unfortunately, and before I knew it I was being shown the mole. It was gross and bigger than I thought it would be. I got a few stitches and was back in my room getting dressed by 11am. I was given my follow up papers and chatted with the ladies at the desk, whose names again I have forgotten, and then I left. I didn't have to pay the co-pay on my medical insurance and was told the insurance company would bill me. I have to call the Dr's office and schedule a follow up appointment in 12 days so he can check the stitches. The mole is being sent for tests to see if there is anything further that may need to be checked (whispers skin cancer).

I have been told to keep the area dry for 24 hours and then pat it dry gently if it does get wet. Well I am certainly not going to be rubbing it! I have my little bottle of Extra Strength Tylenol for the pain, which actually has not been too bad so far. So, fingers crossed I only need to get my bottom out again one more time and then that should be it. Next Dr appointment is for K as she has to get her Kindergarten shots in 2 weeks, but don't tell her as I haven't told her about it yet, and I need to have blood tests done as I forgot to fast when I went to see my new Dr a few weeks ago.

Whilst K was out with Sian she got me flower pot and a card. When we got back home she vanished to her room dragging a bag behind her, she then reappeared looking for a pen. A few minutes later she came out and gave me the flowers, card and a big hug. That is always better than pain killers!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Z had his hair cut on Tuesday as he was getting his photograph taken at school on Thursday.

I took K to have her hair cut this morning as there was just so much of it and I was getting tired of her getting food in it!

I took them both to the same place to get their haircut. We go to Cookie Cutters and it is the best place to go to get kids hair cut. They can watch dvds or play computer games whilst they sit in the chair. There is a slide for other kids to play on whilst they wait and there is a Wii and a Playstation for them to play with too. At the end they get a balloon and a lolllipop. There are shapes at the end of the balloon and if you collect 10 you get $ off a hair cut. You also get stamps on a card and when the card is full you get a free hair cut!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Plastic Surgery

I have often joked about getting plastic surgery. I have said if I had the money I would get a couple bits of myself, erm, adjusted, but I truly never thought I would find myself in a real plastic surgeons office, but that is where I was yesterday. My appointment was at noon but I know to arrive earlier as paperwork needs to be completed for the medical insurance. K was very good and sat next to me on the rather plush couch. She started off by trying to rub all the glitter that was on her top onto me. As I was wearing a black top it did become evident after a while that I had a lot of glitter on me. She soon bored of it though and I had to find something else to entertain her. I found a Disney Princess puzzle game on my Android cell phone and she played it quite contently while we waited. There was a bit of delay in patients being seen and the receptionist was very apologetic. When we first arrived for some reason the receptionist had thought that K was me. Why would a 5 year old be needing plastic surgery?!

Eventually I was taken through to an examination room and told to put one of those lovely hospital gowns on. The Doctor came in, had a look at me, and said that removal of mole was the best course of action and the procedure would be done under local anesthetic at a nearby hospital. I would be able to drive myself there and back but the advised to not take K with me so I need to arrange for someone to sit with her whilst I am at the hospital. Ben may work from home or I may sort something else out. Depending on the time of my appointment I may need someone to be at home for Z getting back from school. I am expecting a call today to arrange my appointment and am going to try to get the earliest one that I can. I'll be glad when it is all over and I can stop showing strangers my bare backside!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

K's 5th Birthday

 Today K turned 5 years old. Where has the time gone?! She opened all her gifts in record time. If it was Z's birthday then we would still be opening them as he likes to take his time.

K has requested that her birthday dinner be spagetti and apple pie for dessert. We do have a birthday cake for her. Actually we have 2. They were free from Marsh as part of the Kids Club. The cakes are supposed to be 2 person size but I think that there would be enough for all of us!

She is currently enjoying "The Princess & The Frog' on dvd whilst I post this. Z is playing with Spongebob Squarepants in the bedroom. I don't think he is a big fan of Princess movies! Birthday cake time.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Eeeek! This is where we live! Tornado Warning!

Tornado Warning for Hamilton County, IN

until 9:45 pm EDT, Wed., Apr. 7, 2010
Issued by The National Weather Service
Indianapolis, IN
9:28 pm EDT, Wed., Apr. 7, 2010

Update to yesterdays posting

Just had a call from Dr Andreoli at Clarian North Medical Center about K's blood and urine test that she had done yesterday. Both came back clear so we don't have to go back to the hospital for another 12 months. Yay!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

K's Day at Hospital

 This morning K had an appointment at hospital. She needed to get her kidneys scanned and meet with her nephrologist. The appointment was at 9.30am for the scan and 10.30am to see the Doctor. We were told to get there for 9am to complete registration and then go for the scan. Her appointment was at the Clarian North Medical Centre which is about a 7 or 8 minute drive from our apartment. It is supposed to be a hospital but it looks more like a 5 star hotel!

We get there in plenty of time and register in about 5 minutes so we are early for the scan. K lies on the bed nice and still so the ultrasound is done quickly and without fuss. She got to watch a cartoon whilst it was being done so I think that helped.

 We then had to go up to the 4th floor to see her nephrologist Dr Andreoli. As we were early getting through the previous 2 things we were subsequently early for the appointment with the Doctor. We had to wait about 45 minutes until we were called to get K's weight, height and blood pressure checked. We are then taken down the hall to a room to wait for the Doctor to come in. She examines K and we discuss her previous care in the UK and what will happen now. Turns out it is just the same as before. As she is 5 on Thursday, she will only need to come for ultrasound scans every 12 months instead of every 6 months as it has been up until now. (This is what Dr Ali her previous paediatrician in the UK said he would recommend). Dr Andreoli said that she would recommend that K does not participate in any contact sports when she gets older, things like American football, boxing and wrestling as these can cause force to the body in the area that the kidneys are. She also said she wanted K to have a urine and blood test done and sent us downstairs for that. By this time it is almost noon and we have been in the hospital for about 3 hours. K and Z both want to go home and are getting bored and hungry. (Z had been unwell in the morning and he was blaming it on the Easter candy he had eaten the day before.)

K was fine for the urine test but the blood test was a whole other matter. She had not had one before and was not at all happy when it was done. She cried all the way back to the car but by the time we got to our next stop, which was Target, she was fine. We should get a call tomorrow or Friday (Dr Andreoli is at a conference in New York on Thursday) with the results. The scan had shown no change in her condition from the last one she had done in the UK. I had to pay the $25 co-pay for seeing the Doctor but was not asked for any payment for the scan or the blood/urine tests. When I asked about it I was told that if we have to pay anything then the insurance company will send us a bill.

 I took the kids to look at a new apartment this afternoon, actually it is a townhouse, which is really close to the Elementary school. It was alright, as far as apartments go. Ben is probably going to look at it on Thursday and we will decide what we want to do then. Also I have found out that at my appointment at the plastic surgeon on Tuesday next week, I will not be having the mole removed, he will just be looking at it and telling me what will be involved in its removal and if I can take K with me or if I will need to leave her with a sitter or have Ben take a whole or partial day off. Joy. That means I get a strange man looking at my bottom on two separate occasions now. Aren't I a lucky girl?!

Saturday, April 3, 2010


 So, I now live in Indiana. I am in Carmel so not far from Indianapolis which is the home of Butler University. A few years ago, OK it was 1994, I spent a year as an Exchange Student with the McNeil family in DeWitt, Michigan. DeWitt is not far from the Michigan State University campus.

Tonight is the NCAA Final Four game between Butler and MSU. Whoever wins gets to the Final against either Duke University or West Virginia.

Who do I cheer for? Butler or MSU?

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