Saturday, April 17, 2010


Z had his hair cut on Tuesday as he was getting his photograph taken at school on Thursday.

I took K to have her hair cut this morning as there was just so much of it and I was getting tired of her getting food in it!

I took them both to the same place to get their haircut. We go to Cookie Cutters and it is the best place to go to get kids hair cut. They can watch dvds or play computer games whilst they sit in the chair. There is a slide for other kids to play on whilst they wait and there is a Wii and a Playstation for them to play with too. At the end they get a balloon and a lolllipop. There are shapes at the end of the balloon and if you collect 10 you get $ off a hair cut. You also get stamps on a card and when the card is full you get a free hair cut!

1 comment:

  1. This is making my hairdressers look so lame. I will have to start shopping around me thinks


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