Tuesday, April 6, 2010

K's Day at Hospital

 This morning K had an appointment at hospital. She needed to get her kidneys scanned and meet with her nephrologist. The appointment was at 9.30am for the scan and 10.30am to see the Doctor. We were told to get there for 9am to complete registration and then go for the scan. Her appointment was at the Clarian North Medical Centre which is about a 7 or 8 minute drive from our apartment. It is supposed to be a hospital but it looks more like a 5 star hotel!

We get there in plenty of time and register in about 5 minutes so we are early for the scan. K lies on the bed nice and still so the ultrasound is done quickly and without fuss. She got to watch a cartoon whilst it was being done so I think that helped.

 We then had to go up to the 4th floor to see her nephrologist Dr Andreoli. As we were early getting through the previous 2 things we were subsequently early for the appointment with the Doctor. We had to wait about 45 minutes until we were called to get K's weight, height and blood pressure checked. We are then taken down the hall to a room to wait for the Doctor to come in. She examines K and we discuss her previous care in the UK and what will happen now. Turns out it is just the same as before. As she is 5 on Thursday, she will only need to come for ultrasound scans every 12 months instead of every 6 months as it has been up until now. (This is what Dr Ali her previous paediatrician in the UK said he would recommend). Dr Andreoli said that she would recommend that K does not participate in any contact sports when she gets older, things like American football, boxing and wrestling as these can cause force to the body in the area that the kidneys are. She also said she wanted K to have a urine and blood test done and sent us downstairs for that. By this time it is almost noon and we have been in the hospital for about 3 hours. K and Z both want to go home and are getting bored and hungry. (Z had been unwell in the morning and he was blaming it on the Easter candy he had eaten the day before.)

K was fine for the urine test but the blood test was a whole other matter. She had not had one before and was not at all happy when it was done. She cried all the way back to the car but by the time we got to our next stop, which was Target, she was fine. We should get a call tomorrow or Friday (Dr Andreoli is at a conference in New York on Thursday) with the results. The scan had shown no change in her condition from the last one she had done in the UK. I had to pay the $25 co-pay for seeing the Doctor but was not asked for any payment for the scan or the blood/urine tests. When I asked about it I was told that if we have to pay anything then the insurance company will send us a bill.

 I took the kids to look at a new apartment this afternoon, actually it is a townhouse, which is really close to the Elementary school. It was alright, as far as apartments go. Ben is probably going to look at it on Thursday and we will decide what we want to do then. Also I have found out that at my appointment at the plastic surgeon on Tuesday next week, I will not be having the mole removed, he will just be looking at it and telling me what will be involved in its removal and if I can take K with me or if I will need to leave her with a sitter or have Ben take a whole or partial day off. Joy. That means I get a strange man looking at my bottom on two separate occasions now. Aren't I a lucky girl?!


  1. Thanks for keeping us up to speed. We have been thinking about you all. Hope K enjoys her birthday and tell her we think she is a brave girl & we send her lots of hugs and kisses and sure Mummy is proud too.

    Hope the mole procedure turns out to be straightforward next week. love MIL & FIL xx

  2. Glad it all went ok. Great that its only every 12 months now.

    Happy Birthday KATIE!!

    lots of love

    T and M xx


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