Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Plastic Surgery Day

Today was surgery day. Good grief that sounds like I was having major surgery. All I actually had done was have a mole removed from my bottom. It was in a very peculiar place, so they kept saying, and advised the best course of action was to have it removed.

I was scheduled for surgery at 10.15am and had to be at the hospital by 9.15am to register and fill out the insurance paperwork. I am becoming quite efficient at completing insurance paperwork! I had been told that I could not take K with me so the lovely Sian said she could watch her whilst I was having my 'procedure' done. She even offered to drive me round to the hospital. Isn't she lovely. The surgery was supposed to take 45 minutes so I would hopefully be done by 11am.

I was to go to Carmel Ambulatory Surgery Center which is not too far from where we live. Sian dropped me off at 9am and she went off with K. I registered and signed the paperwork and got my lovely hospital bracelet. I sat in the waiting area and watched ESPN until I was called through.

At 10am I was called through to get ready for surgery and had my blood pressure and temperature taken. By 10.15am I was in my ever so flattering gown and being wheeled through to the room where I was being 'operated' on. The Dr had drawn around my mole and I know found myself lying on the bed face down whilst a bullseye was effectively painted on my bum! I got a few injections of local anesthetic and off they set to work removing the offending mole. I chatted with them whilst they did the work, I forget their names unfortunately, and before I knew it I was being shown the mole. It was gross and bigger than I thought it would be. I got a few stitches and was back in my room getting dressed by 11am. I was given my follow up papers and chatted with the ladies at the desk, whose names again I have forgotten, and then I left. I didn't have to pay the co-pay on my medical insurance and was told the insurance company would bill me. I have to call the Dr's office and schedule a follow up appointment in 12 days so he can check the stitches. The mole is being sent for tests to see if there is anything further that may need to be checked (whispers skin cancer).

I have been told to keep the area dry for 24 hours and then pat it dry gently if it does get wet. Well I am certainly not going to be rubbing it! I have my little bottle of Extra Strength Tylenol for the pain, which actually has not been too bad so far. So, fingers crossed I only need to get my bottom out again one more time and then that should be it. Next Dr appointment is for K as she has to get her Kindergarten shots in 2 weeks, but don't tell her as I haven't told her about it yet, and I need to have blood tests done as I forgot to fast when I went to see my new Dr a few weeks ago.

Whilst K was out with Sian she got me flower pot and a card. When we got back home she vanished to her room dragging a bag behind her, she then reappeared looking for a pen. A few minutes later she came out and gave me the flowers, card and a big hug. That is always better than pain killers!

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  1. Glad to know the memorable day is over Glad to know Sian & Katie gave you some good medicine to come home to. Sleep well tonight. love MIL x


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