Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Plastic Surgery

I have often joked about getting plastic surgery. I have said if I had the money I would get a couple bits of myself, erm, adjusted, but I truly never thought I would find myself in a real plastic surgeons office, but that is where I was yesterday. My appointment was at noon but I know to arrive earlier as paperwork needs to be completed for the medical insurance. K was very good and sat next to me on the rather plush couch. She started off by trying to rub all the glitter that was on her top onto me. As I was wearing a black top it did become evident after a while that I had a lot of glitter on me. She soon bored of it though and I had to find something else to entertain her. I found a Disney Princess puzzle game on my Android cell phone and she played it quite contently while we waited. There was a bit of delay in patients being seen and the receptionist was very apologetic. When we first arrived for some reason the receptionist had thought that K was me. Why would a 5 year old be needing plastic surgery?!

Eventually I was taken through to an examination room and told to put one of those lovely hospital gowns on. The Doctor came in, had a look at me, and said that removal of mole was the best course of action and the procedure would be done under local anesthetic at a nearby hospital. I would be able to drive myself there and back but the advised to not take K with me so I need to arrange for someone to sit with her whilst I am at the hospital. Ben may work from home or I may sort something else out. Depending on the time of my appointment I may need someone to be at home for Z getting back from school. I am expecting a call today to arrange my appointment and am going to try to get the earliest one that I can. I'll be glad when it is all over and I can stop showing strangers my bare backside!


  1. Good luck with it! I hope your bottom will soon be soft as a baby's, and safely under wraps again...

    And thanks for the message on my blog, hope you enjoy the second book! xx

  2. That's good news its nearly all sorted.

    Good luck x


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