Friday, April 23, 2010

We Got to Another State

As it was a sunny day we decided to go on a trip out of Carmel. In fact a trip out of Indiana. It appears that we seem to be working our way around Indiana. By that I mean we are working are way around the States that are next to Indiana. We have been to Ohio and Illinois and now Kentucky. (Next we go to Michigan!)

On April 11 we went on a day trip to Kentucky. We did not realise if we had left our trip to the following weekend we could have gone when it was Thunder Over Louisville was happening but nevermind.

So we went to the Louisville Science Center. They had an exhibit about the movie Robots and we thought the kids would like it as they like the movie. They also had a water exhibit which is always popular with the kids. Luckily they had waterproof jackets and dryers nearby. That did not stop K getting absolutely drenched though!

I enjoyed the museum but if I am honest I think the best museum I have been to so far is still the Childrens Museum of Indianapolis. Although we still have other bits of Indiana to visit and other parts of America to visit so I am sure there are lots of wonderful museums out there.

Once we had wandered around the museum we took a wander around Louisville. It was quiet. Very quiet. In fact it was a bit unnerving at times. Maybe it was quiet because it was Sunday, I don't know. I just know there were not many people around at all!

We saw the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory (but did not go in). I do actually want to get the kids a baseball glove and ball each. I think it would help their co-ordination. I also want to get them each a basketball and an American Football. They may find out they enjoy one of these sports or are actually quite good at it. (I can live in hope can't I?) We have actually had a visit to a Sporting Goods Store since this trip and both kids had a go bouncing a basketball and catching a football.

On the drive back we passed this couple on a motorcycle. I thought they were missing something rather vital. Can you spot what it is? (They were travelling at 70mph). I am not sure if it is law or not but if it isn't then it is at least common sense and they seem to be lacking it!


  1. I was in Indiana a couple of weeks ago. Bloomington and Muncie - which we almost drove through without realising we had arrived. Also got stuck in downtown Indie on the night of the big basketball game. Blame Mapquest.

  2. Indiana doesn't require a helmet. It's optional. I actually agree with that law. If they get into an accident, chances are they're the ones who'll get injured, or die. It was their choice. They knew the risks. Every motorcyclist has to go through ABATE, a motorcycle riding class. In some states, motorcycles are allowed to pass vehicles in the SAME LANE. Meaning, they don't have to move over into the other lane, they drive past you in the same lane as you. Indiana doesn't allow that.

    Louisville is a boring town. You cross that river and it's like crossing into a whole 'nother world. lol.. KY is a beautiful state though. Those rolling hills; gorgeous. I reccommend St. Louis. It's about 5 hours from Indy. There's lots to do there.

    The Indpls Children's Museum is hard to beat. Have you been to Chicago yet? They have lots of cool museums. DC has great museums too and most are free.

  3. Great photos! Looks like a brilliant day out!


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