Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mad Cow

I used to give blood regularly when I was in the UK. I was on the Organ Donor list and I was on the Bone Marrow register. Since I lived in the UK I am not eligible to give blood in the US. All because of frigging mad cow disease! I do hope that this policy changes soon but I doubt it will. It does transpire though that I am still eligible to be a bone marrow donor. So I have filled out the form online and I will be sent a registration pack in the mail soon. All I have to do when I get it is swab the insides of my cheeks and send it back. Then I wait to see if I am a match to anyone. As K has her Kidney problem, I am well aware that she may need a transplant or dialysis in the future. I am hopeful she won't. In fact I pray she won't and I am not even a religious person. However, if I am a match to someone and can help improve their quality of life by donating some of my bone marrow then why wouldn't I do it? If K needs a bit of one of my kidneys then I wouldn't think twice about it, neither would her father, brother or (I hope) the rest of her family. If we were not a match to her then I would hope that we could find someone who was. Would you help if you could?

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  1. I blogged about being a mad cow a couple of years ago. It irritates me that I'm not allowed to give blood any more. It had never occired to me to sign up as a bone marrow donor though!

    My sister donated a kidney to her husband just over a year ago. True love - and lucky she was a good enough match! I'd do the same in a heartbeat!


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