Friday, May 21, 2010

My son, the Giraffe.

Yesterday Z was in his school show "Kindergarten Sings the Zoo". He had to dress as a zoo animal and sing songs about animals going from A - Z.

We looked for a costume at lots of stores but as it is nowhere near Halloween, we were having a hard time. In the end Ben managed to get a costume from Dan that his niece had used. So Z was now going to be a giraffe.

We took him to school for 6.45pm and went through to the gym hall where the show was being put on. There were a lot of people there and in the end we sat quite far back so were not able to take any good pictures of the show. At just before 7pm all the Kindergarten classes came into the hall and went onto the stage. Z was in the front row and right in the glare of the spotlight. He got a little bit of stage fright and did not sing as loudly as some of the other kids. He did sing a bit and he did do a few of the dance moves but mainly he just stood there. As the lights were so bright in his face he was not able to see us and I don't think that helped his nerves at all. He is quite an introverted boy at times and having so many people looking at him must have been un-nerving. He yawned. He picked his nose. He scratched himself a few times. But the thing that meant the most to me was that he stayed there. He stood in the front row and tried his best. He could have come off the stage. He could have started crying. (Another boy did both of those things) He could have stood like a statue and not moved at all. He faced a fear and did his best. For that I am very proud.

There was a dvd for sale after the show but they only accepted cash or check payment and I did not have my bag with me and Ben didn't have any cash. I collected Z from his classroom and took the giraffe outfit off him., He was so sweaty! His teacher said that for the past month he had been an absolute angel in the classroom and she wished she could have him in her class for another 3 months!

Our next task for Z is to build him a car for the KIndy 500 next week. Luckily it doesn't involve wheels etc. We just need to get a big box, cut out the bottom so he can stand in it and make handles so he can hold it and run. I think Z and K will be in charge of decorating it.

Z is 7th in on the left. It is not a great picture but gives an idea of the number of children on the stage, the spotlight and the audience watching.

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