Thursday, May 13, 2010

School Summer Break

When I was a kid I always thought the summer holiday from school was not long enough. My parents always seemed to give the impression that they thought it was too long. I never really felt like that until I became an adult. The summer holidays I had from school in Scotland were from the last Friday in June until the middle of August. (I was never at school for my birthday, yay!) In England they usually seemed to break up from school around my birthday (mid July) and go back the first week of September. In all it was about 6 weeks.

Now I am a parent and I have children of school age I look at it slightly differently! The school summer break here in Indiana is a bit longer than I am used to. Z has his last day of school on Thursday May 27th and he goes back to school (along with K as she will be starting Kindergarten) on Tuesday August 10th. That is 10 weeks off school! 10 WEEKS!!

What am I going to do with them for 10 weeks?! Also as we are currently a 1 car family, I won't always be able to take them places. If the summer gets hot then I won't want to walk too far with them. How am I going to survive 10 weeks with the two of them at home. (We do have a long weekend in St Louis, Missouri arranged as well as a week break in Charlotte, N Carolina.)

How do you survive the school break? Any tips, hints or suggestions that will help me?


  1. I was daunted by the long holiday last year. This year we've spread out our activities and visitors a bit more so that there is something going on every other week and breaks in between. And summer camps, you really begin to realise why summer camps are such big business over here. It'll be gone before you know it!

  2. I hope so! I may need to be medicated by the end of the summer! Plus when it is over both my kids will be at school and I will be home alone! :(

  3. hi , just came across your blog and i think its really nice,, u must be quite well organised to take time out to keep it upto date. cause having small kids is a full time activity. i ve one daughter who just turned 6 and her last day of school is on the 25th of May and while she s very excited i am at a loss as to what will we do the whole day??
    i live in karachi and am a proud pakistani no doubt, but there are few choices regarding activities to do in summer...i mean yes we plan to go swimming everyday but how much can u swimmmm......
    i ll be checking out some summer camps as there u go,,,just felt like sharing that with u... Happy holidayssssss :-)

  4. It's hard! This is my 7th summer here and as they get older it gets a bit easier. My kids are 10 and nearly 14.
    I wish they'd spread the vacation up with other holidays - I really dislike the short christmas holiday, a couple days at easter and no half terms.

    Anyway.... I enrolled at the YMCA a few years ago. Our local one tends to have some good stuff for the kids, a week swimming club, a week of crafts etc. Some are included in the membership fee, others are extra $120 a week per child. Summer camp gets pricey.

    If you do church at all, most have a week of vacation Bible school, which are usually mornings only but it breaks up the day for them.

    I also got the kids into scouts. Although they don't run over summer, again they have camps. Our girl scouts do family camps, where you can camp there for 2 nights with the girls & go horseriding etc, from age 5 I think.

    Ask the school what summer sports they do. My kids never bring home papers so I didn't know til recently that their schools ran summer sports programs.

  5. p.s. when you call your son Z, is that Zed or Zee??

  6. We don't actually call him Z. It is just something I do on here. It is his first initial. If I were to say it, I guess I would say Zee.

  7. Are you still in the apartment? Is there a pool? When I was a kid that was all we did all day long; live at the pool. The Y camp idea is a good one and very popular.

  8. Yeah we are still in the apartment. We will be here till the Autumn. There is a pool and it opened today. Ben has just taken the kids up to it whilst I get dinner ready. They got very hot and sweaty today whilst we were out getting things for our vacation.


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