Sunday, May 9, 2010


I went out the other week for a 40th birthday meal. I know! Shocker, I went out with grown ups. Whatever next?!

Anyway, it was Sian's 40th birthday and she invited me to go for a meal at Kona Grill on Clay Terrace. I have never been there before so had no idea what the menu would be like. I couldn't look online either at my laptop was away in Texas being repaired.

I arrived first and stood outside sending my brother an email. (He is getting married next year and I was trying to get a load of information from him so we could work out flights etc back to the UK for the wedding. Looks like it will cost around $3,500 for flights only!) Angela arrived a few minutes after me and we went into the bar to wait for the others. She said she would get me a drink and I asked for a Diet Coke. She then asked for a drink and the bartender seemed to have a real problem understanding what she was asking for. I seem to recall muumuu being mentioned a few times but I can't quite remember if that was the drink Angela wanted or the drink the bartender thought she wanted.

The others turned up and we were taken to our table. I say table but it was a room. At first it was like we were being taken to the naughty corner. In the room there was a large table with a big tv screen on the end wall. It had  what must have been some sort of screen saver thing to keep with the theme of the restaurant but I just kept waiting for "Finding Nemo" to start.

We ordered our food and started drinking. It was my intention to just have Diet Coke, wine and Jack Daniels. (Not all at same time though) However Melissa decided that I should have tequila. I'm not sure how the conversation came about but I said that I had never had tequila before and Melissa decided we should each have one. So, I agreed. It wasn't too bad. I felt fine for the rest of the evening but the following day my head hurt for a while and I felt a bit woozy until around lunch time. (Ben took the kids out for the morning so that I would have peace and quiet. He also left a bottle of water and the Extra Strong Tylenol by the bed for me)

The meal I had was delicious. I would go there again, possibly forgoing the tequila. Once we had all done eating we went back through to the bar and sat chatting. I think that we were the last to leave. Even though it was around 11.30pm it was not very cold out.

One other thing I maybe should mention is that a few days before this meal out I went to the hairdressers. I got my hair cut short and dyed blonde. Not very blonde but a lot lighter than it was.

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