Tuesday, May 18, 2010

UK Weather v US Weather

The last few days it has been a bit...wet here. In fact it has been very similar to British weather here for the last few days. However, come this weekend it is set to change. As of today this is how the forecast is shaping up on the Weather Channel. I am liking the look of it! Check out Sunday May 23! (I still need to see weather forecasts showing temperatures in C rather than F)

Bring on summer!

10-Day Forecast for Carmel, IN (46032)


  1. We're a bit further north than you and it's bloody ridiculous here. I'm wearing my ski jacket again. I usually say that at least, in Chicago, we have a guaranteed summer, but at this time of the year I wonder when it will ever start. Jeez.

  2. I'd take British weather over Pennsylvania weather any month of the year!! Winter's like living in the bloody arctic, and in Spring we get rain til summertime.
    That said, the kids have got used to it. As soon as the thermometer gets back up to 0 celsius, they ask if they can get their shorts out.... you see kids at the bus stop in shorts and t-shirt, and there are still icicles hanging off the gutters.

    I lived in Virginia for a few years too. That was the opposite and was like living in the tropics. And their mosquitos are like dragons.


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