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Yesterday I had the fun task of taking K for her 2nd Hepatitis B shot that she needs for starting Kindergarten in August. It is always fun to see your child scream the place down after having a needle jabbed in their leg.

Today I had to take Z to get his eyes checked. He was long overdue an eye appointment and his current pair of glasses were too small for his face and the prescription was out of date. He was pulling his glasses off his face a few times when reading so he could focus better. The previous eye exams had all been done at Northampton General Hospital and his glasses had been courtesy of the NHS. Not so this time. Today his appointment was at Busby Eye Care in Westfield. I chose them as they were on a list of eye doctors that the kids pediatrician gave me that was in network. I contacted them first to make sure they accepted our insurance and arranged an appointment for today.

Z has amplyopia of his left eye. He has astigmatism and is long sighted. He will need to wear gla…

Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows

I may need to go and see this by myself as I am not sure if Ben will want to see it. Nor am I sure if any of the friends we have made here are Harry Potter fans. I did have all the books but I did not bring them with me when we moved from the UK to the USA as they were too big and heavy too fit in the cases once everything else was packed. I think I may need to replace them before I go to see the first installment of Deathly Hallows so I can remind myself of the story.

Need Green

Everyone should know that I hate our car. After the crash, broken radiator and then failed brakes I did wonder what else could go wrong with the big pile of steaming poo.

Today I went out to the car and noticed that the front bumper, that was being held together with tape and then glue and now string, is looking like it is heading towards the ground again. Also the headlight looks like it is moving position.

It is really sunny and hot here at the moment, it has been close to 100°Fa few times but is averaging the high 80s low 90s most of the time. A car with a decent working A/C would be great at a time like this, shame I am not driving a car like that. I get out after a 5 minute drive and look like I have been in a sauna. The sweat is dripping off me and the kids.

We are still trying to work out how we are going to get to the UK next year for my younger brothers wedding. He's getting married March 24th next year and after looking at flights for the 4 of us it is looking like we wil…


I have been watching England play in the World Cup and will most likely be watching on Sunday when they play Germany. It is at 10am here I think so the kids will be overjoyed that they can't watch Spongebob Squarepants. Although depending on how the game goes, I may wish I had been watching Spongebob Squarepants.

At first the UK seemed to think that qualifying through the Group Stages would be easy. It wasn't though was it? It was quite boring watching the England games. (Even watching the USA V England game in a garage waiting area surrounded by Americans does not add anything to the experience!) They build themselves up so much and the Press say how great they are and then when they don't meet expectations then the same Press then rip them to shreds. I can just imagine the front pages on Monday's papers.

One game I am going to try to make a point of watch is not a World Cup game but will be Wimbledon. I love watching the tennis. I am appallingly bad at it myself but I …


I have been wondering about this for a while. Speed limits. It has begun to seem like they are not so much speed limits but more like speed suggestions. As our car has cruise control it is very easy to set it so you are driving along at exactly the set speed limit. However, I do sometimes feel a bit like "Driving Miss Daisy" as other cars zoom past me. I don't like using the cruise control normally. It feels a bit odd to not have your feet on any pedals! Ben uses the cruise control almost every single time he is behind the wheel!

My question is this, if I am plodding along at exactly the speed limit and everyone else, and I mean everyone else, is zooming along faster, do speeding tickets not occur much or do they not bother people?! Granted we have not seen any speed cameras since we have been here. In the UK they were everywhere and for a while they even kept me in a job. (Yes I had a job of endorsing peoples driving licences when they were caught speeding!) If you can&#…

Toy Story 3

We are going to see a movie together as a family. Ben and I saw the first two ToyStory movies at the cinema together and now we get to take our kids to see the 3rd one. God I feel old but I love Pixar and the kids love Pixar movies! Ben even has a huge collection of Toy Story toys from the original movie. He is hoping they will be worth a lot of money eventually.

We are going to see the movie for free thanks to collecting tokens from Kelloggs cereal boxes.

This is only clean title I could think of!

So. The car. It is a pile of poo. It is a big, stinking pile of poo. But then again so is Pep Boys. I am NEVER using them again for anything even remotely related to a car we may own.

I admit we have had a few problems with the car since we got it but nothing has gotten me so angry as the past few days. As I mentioned before we had a problem with the brakes and were not able to use the car to drive from Atlanta, Georgia to Charlotte, N Carolina. We, and by that I mean Ben, dropped the car off at the garage on Sunday just before they shut. On Monday he sat there for 3 hours waiting for a quote! Eventually he managed to leave and we used a rental car to drive to Great Wolf Lodge for our vacation. We were due back in Atlanta on Friday afternoon. So the garage had the car for a week. They also had my cell phone number and Ben's cell phone number. We carried on with our vacation and drove back early Friday afternoon ready to drop off the hire car and pick up our car. Just before he lef…

Vacation - Part 2

We leave Georgia and head through S Carolina to get to our destination in Charlotte, N Carolina.

We briefly stopped for lunch but made reasonably good time in getting to Charlotte. As Ben had waited for 3 hours for a quote from the garage in the morning we had not left as early as we wanted to. The drive from Atlanta, Georgia to Charlotte, N Caroline takes about 4 and a half hours.

After seeing a huge bottle of ketchup on our drive along part of Route 66 we managed to see a huge peach on the drive out of Georgia! This is just not something you would see driving along the M1 in the UK!

It was night when we arrived at Great Wolf Lodge and we were all exhausted but we were happy to be at the hotel and knowing that we would not have to drive again for a whole week.

Great Wolf Lodge is a water park and the kids spent most of the week in  their swimming suits. There are slides, wave pools, outdoor pools, water games and fountains. There are lots of things to keep you entertained. We had gotte…

Vacation - Part 1

We went on a vacation last weekend. We had a final destination but first we stopped off to visit Paul who is a  friend of Ben's that he had not seen for about 12 years. They went to BB together in Northampton and Paul now lives in the US with his American wife and their 2 young sons. They live just outside Atlanta, Georgia so we decided to drive down, yes drive in our car, to see them for a few days before we headed off on the rest of our vacation.

We drove down Indiana and then through Kentucky and into Tennessee. We stopped in Tennessee for a break and went to Ruby Falls. Paul had recommended and it got us out of the heat of the day. Z was not too sure about it to start with but K was very excited. At the end there is an amazing waterfall and no one knows where the water is coming from.

As we began to head back out of the caves, Z was now enjoying himself but K wanted to get out. She did manage to make a large group of  people laugh though. There are occasions when you have to squ…

Memorial Day Weekend

This past weekend we went on a trip out of State again. This time we went a bit further afield than the neighboring States. This time we went to St Louis, Missouri. It was sort of a preparation run for the longer journey we will have when we go to Atlanta, Georgia to meet with one of Ben's friends from the UK who lives here now before we continue on to Charlotte, N Carolina. We went to/looked at all the tourist haunts. Well the ones we could find that were not too far away as it was really hot and sunny.

We went to the Missouri History Museum. It was free to get in but some of the exhibits required you to pay. We just wandered around the free bits. I think the kids got a bit bored and had more fun in the gift shop when I went to buy some postcards. I even managed to remember to write and mail the postcards. Aren't I good? I also got a magnet that I forgot was in my bag and caused some odd looks a day or so later.

The St Louis Zoo was another place we visited. We spent about 3 ho…