Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Yesterday I had the fun task of taking K for her 2nd Hepatitis B shot that she needs for starting Kindergarten in August. It is always fun to see your child scream the place down after having a needle jabbed in their leg.

Today I had to take Z to get his eyes checked. He was long overdue an eye appointment and his current pair of glasses were too small for his face and the prescription was out of date. He was pulling his glasses off his face a few times when reading so he could focus better. The previous eye exams had all been done at Northampton General Hospital and his glasses had been courtesy of the NHS. Not so this time. Today his appointment was at Busby Eye Care in Westfield. I chose them as they were on a list of eye doctors that the kids pediatrician gave me that was in network. I contacted them first to make sure they accepted our insurance and arranged an appointment for today.

Z has amplyopia of his left eye. He has astigmatism and is long sighted. He will need to wear glasses for the rest of his life, unless he wants to have corrective surgery when he is older, if it will sort his vision.

He co-operated with the tests and said what letters he could see. After the tests were all done we went out to choose new frames to go with his new prescription. Luckily the medical insurance Ben gets through his work has vision included. If not then the visit to the eye doctor today and getting Z a new pair of glasses, would have cost us just over $600. In the end it was around $395 and I will be taking him back in around 2 weeks to collect his new Nike glasses. They will have all sorts of protective coating on them as well as reflective lenses so they will be a bit like sunglasses and protect his eyes from glare. They also will have a 1 year warranty so if the frames break then they will be fixed for free. The lenses will also have a warranty on them so if they get scratched, they too will be replaced free of charge.

The prices of frames for children averaged around the $180 mark. I did not dare look at the adult glasses. Thankfully I have relatively good eye sight and I don't need glasses. At the moment.

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