Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

This past weekend we went on a trip out of State again. This time we went a bit further afield than the neighboring States. This time we went to St Louis, Missouri. It was sort of a preparation run for the longer journey we will have when we go to Atlanta, Georgia to meet with one of Ben's friends from the UK who lives here now before we continue on to Charlotte, N Carolina. We went to/looked at all the tourist haunts. Well the ones we could find that were not too far away as it was really hot and sunny.

We went to the Missouri History Museum. It was free to get in but some of the exhibits required you to pay. We just wandered around the free bits. I think the kids got a bit bored and had more fun in the gift shop when I went to buy some postcards. I even managed to remember to write and mail the postcards. Aren't I good? I also got a magnet that I forgot was in my bag and caused some odd looks a day or so later.

The St Louis Zoo was another place we visited. We spent about 3 hours wandering around the huge zoo looking at all the animals. The Zoo was free to get into but again there were one or two things you would need to pay for. The kids didn't seem to mind though and just enjoyed looking at all the animals. It was a stark contrast to the last free Zoo we visited in Chicago when the temperature was below freezing and most of the animals were there to look at.

We also went on a drive down to see The Arch and then past the St Louis Cardinals Busch Stadium. Ben wanted to go to a ball game but there were not any on. We could have maybe gone on a tour of the ball park but did not get a chance to check when the tours were scheduled. Ben seems to prefer baseball games to other US sports but I find baseball deadly dull. Maybe I have not been to the right game but I prefer football and basketball.

We did manage to go on a visit to The Arch and even went up to the top. There are these tiny little tram car things that take you up to the top so you can see the view. When you are at the top you can feel a slight sway which is a little bit unnerving but the view is spectacular, well it was when we were there. I am not sure I would want to go to the top during a thunderstorm!

Z was not too keen on being up so high and was reluctant to look out the little viewing windows. K on the other hand loved looking out at the view. Even though she had been sick on the trip over from the hotel she really seemed keen to go and see how high up she was. (We were up really high too!)

After we had a look at the view we came back down and headed back to the hotel for a relax. The kids decided they wanted to go swimming so Ben took them down to the pool while I had a lie down on the bed. I was sharing a bed with K during the trip and she does not lie still while she sleeps. She moves around. A lot. And she snores. Loudly. So I didn't get as much sleep as I would have liked. We had to keep our eye on Z as even though he is not quite 7 yet he seems to be something of a ladies man. He was flirting with all the women in bikinis and even got his hands on my camera later on and was taking photos of the girls who were in the pool. He was a right little peeping tom. He also seems to have developed a habit of picking up womens glossy magazines and looks through them for pictures of women in swimsuits or their underwear! I won't post the pictures of the girls here that he took though. Just believe me when I say there are pictures.

When we came back to Indiana we drove a bit of the way along Route 66. Ben has always wanted to see Route 66 and he was very pleased to be able to drive down part of it. We only went on a small part as otherwise we would have ended up in Chicago and our journey would have been even longer.

There are some sights to see on the little bit of Route 66 we drove on and I am sure some day we will see more of it. (BTW each of those links goes to a different website.) The sat nav kept trying to get us back onto the highway so Ben had to set in a precise route and then ignore some of the directions it was giving us. We stopped for lunch before continuing onto the highway and back towards Indiana.

When we left Missouri the skies were blue and it was very warm. Then it all changed and we drove through about 4 thunderstorms. The rain got so bad that all the cars and trucks had their hazard lights on and we could barely see in front of us so we stopped at a few rest areas until the rain eased off.

We made it home safely in one piece and very happy to be able to sleep in our own beds again. In fact the kids didn't actually get up until just before 8am. Makes a change from the usual 6am wake up time but that may also be due to the fact school is out for summer!

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