Monday, June 28, 2010

Need Green

Everyone should know that I hate our car. After the crash, broken radiator and then failed brakes I did wonder what else could go wrong with the big pile of steaming poo.

Today I went out to the car and noticed that the front bumper, that was being held together with tape and then glue and now string, is looking like it is heading towards the ground again. Also the headlight looks like it is moving position.

It is really sunny and hot here at the moment, it has been close to 100°F a few times but is averaging the high 80s low 90s most of the time. A car with a decent working A/C would be great at a time like this, shame I am not driving a car like that. I get out after a 5 minute drive and look like I have been in a sauna. The sweat is dripping off me and the kids.

We are still trying to work out how we are going to get to the UK next year for my younger brothers wedding. He's getting married March 24th next year and after looking at flights for the 4 of us it is looking like we will have to fork over about $3,500 just for plane tickets. (Lets forget for a moment car hire, wedding outfits, gifts, spending money etc.) Spring break will be the first week of April so I don't want the kids to be out of school for more than a week as they would miss too much school. I want them to be back at school the week before Spring break if possible. Ideally we would go to the UK the weekend before the wedding and see Ben's family and then go up to Scotland for the wedding and then come back to the US at the weekend so the kids could be back at school on Monday. Even before I can consider getting on a plane though I need to renew my passport. It expired at the start of June so I am currently landlocked. To renew my passport here I need to send it to Washington and it will cost me $204! (To renew the kids passports next year it will cost a total of $268!) I also cannot have my current passport become lost as it has my US visa in it and if I lose that then I am seriously screwed as the visa cannot be moved to a newer passport. I will need to travel with both of them, 1 to use to get onto the plane and 1 to get back into the US. Isn't it fun?! And breathe!

One thing that will be fun is this coming weekend. It is the 4th of July weekend and we are planning on going to CarmelFest. Also the 4th of July means there is only 2 more weeks until my birthday! Just got to keep reminding myself of that. It is my birthday soon. I get to have cake!


  1. That passport business sounds really confusing and expensive - Saying that I don't know what it is in £!

    Hope you have a fantastic weekend. It sounds like a right blast over there. Can I come for a holiday!? lol

  2. I think you should enter every airline contest there is between now and the wedding. Who knows, you might win some free seats.


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