Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I have been wondering about this for a while. Speed limits. It has begun to seem like they are not so much speed limits but more like speed suggestions. As our car has cruise control it is very easy to set it so you are driving along at exactly the set speed limit. However, I do sometimes feel a bit like "Driving Miss Daisy" as other cars zoom past me. I don't like using the cruise control normally. It feels a bit odd to not have your feet on any pedals! Ben uses the cruise control almost every single time he is behind the wheel!

My question is this, if I am plodding along at exactly the speed limit and everyone else, and I mean everyone else, is zooming along faster, do speeding tickets not occur much or do they not bother people?! Granted we have not seen any speed cameras since we have been here. In the UK they were everywhere and for a while they even kept me in a job. (Yes I had a job of endorsing peoples driving licences when they were caught speeding!) If you can't read that sign, it says "Speed Checked By Detection Devices". Ben found it amusing and wanted a picture of it when we were driving back from Georgia.

I have seen signs saying the fine is higher with possible days in prison if you speed in construction or school zones but it really does not seem to bother people. I went to Marsh the other day and as I drove under a bridge I notices a white car parked on the verge. I thought it was a broken down car so I carried on and changed lanes to be able to turn into the parking lot of the store. As I passed the white car I noticed that it was not simply just a "white car" but it was a police car. The speed limit along that stretch of road is 45mph. I was doing just under 50mph. I admit it. However, all the cars that were passing me were doing well over 50mph. Did the police car move? Nope. I checked in my rear view mirror as I was convinced I was going to get pulled over for either speeding or changing lanes at the wrong bit. The police car was not there when I went past on the way home. Did they stop someone for a driving offence or did they just go back to the police station?

Do you speed?


  1. Hi Sarah - this is Kaffy from BE. :) Maybe I can help with this one. It's generally considered safe to go 5 miles over and to move at the speed of traffic. Now of course that's no guarantee that you won't be pulled over, but you shouldn't have to worry about ~50 in a 45 zone. Where you really want to keep your eyes peeled is in small towns where the limit might change rapidly and where tickets are a good source of revenue for the town.

    Hmmm ... I wonder if I just made that more confusing than helpful. :)

  2. Hi Sarah - it's chocolatebabz from BE. I got my first ticket ever last year for speeding. I was doing 32 in a 20 school zone (I didn't realise that I was still in a school zone - oops). It does't help that on the 10 minute ride to school I go through the following 'limits' - 45 - 35 - 40 - 25 - 20 an then reverse on the way back. Ah well it was a fair cop !!


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